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  1. Never buy a Primera. i stuck with ma car gear box. my car is Primera TP12 model YOM 2002.it has the gear shifting problem and garage person said "need to replace da gear box". it cost more than 1 lack and i have find it in Kurunegala and Wijerama but no 1 has da stock.
  2. machan niro, pls don't go 4 "batta van" it's real headake for u.i had a Maruti 5speed model car.it belongs to me more than 2 years and i used it to travel from colombo to Trinco each week end cos i got a job in trinco. but driving a 257km in ma maruti is not a problem. pls don't try to compair with u r previous car but with da fuel cost u have to negociate with this i think.but ma advice is pls don't go for batta van it's a real pain. thank you, JC
  3. hello friend, i prefer u Toyota AE100 (Corolla) 1ce i had a AE100 car, such a lovely car i had.
  4. Hi friends, some one ask me to show wht's under bonnet ok check this snap, this wht under ma mini bonnet. check it, hope u ll enjoy, thank you, JC.
  5. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow cool Pontiac. how is she??????????????????????
  6. sure ill show da engine.... thank you, JC
  7. i bought it from Japan last April, it cost me more than 1 lack, gove me a offer over 90k. thank you JC
  8. i am joining with my Delica P25....... tell me da location @ ja-ela http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/280/delica1hq3.jpg
  9. i am join with my Delica P25....... tell me da location @ ja-ela coming from Nugegoda
  10. You can have new snap's on this link. i hope u ll enjoy http://img205.imageshack.us/slideshow/play...0359200acv.smil thank you, John Cooper. http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/70/dsc00002hc9.jpg
  11. Yes Mr.miniace it effected to da turning circle. so that's y i put the modified rack machan....
  12. yes it is...... it's 13" da tyers i got from Amila tyre @ Dehiwala but i think he don't have da stock.it cost me 60k for da tyre set in last year. but 1 thing, tell u r boss to replace da normal suspention sys to da hard suspention or else it effect to da ball joints and the rack ends. ask him to check with Amila Tyer @ Dehiwala or else tell me i am having a 1 set of Yokohama but price is different from da SUMITOMO. cos it's not da 175x50x13 it's 185x50x13. try to make a quality mini or else pls tell him to forget da idea.
  13. that's cool brof...... who ever try to build a mini, i ll help him as i can. cos it Proude to be a MINI Owner.....
  14. It's a 1380cc modified engine so it must be with a modified gear box, or else it effect to da gear ratio.And another thing normaly turning circle of da normal mini is 9.60 M in mine it's 9.75 M so it's with a Modified Rack too.
  15. I think da LSD has modified but not sure.......
  16. just 4 road use brof........
  17. This are some snap of my MINI, i did the restoration @ last year...... nw it's fitted with 1380cc modified engine. WEBER TWIN carb's give's wide range of power and SPAX Adjustable Shock's gives good handling at top speed.it fitted with 200 km/h speedo meater @ middle of the dash board. i bought all the Sticker's from japan and as well as all the door handles. check the snaps and enjoy..... comments are welcome.... thank you, John Cooper. http://img205.imageshack.us/slideshow/play...0108250iy7.smil
  18. Is anyone have the experience of using a delica P25? tell me about the fuel consumption?
  19. -------------------------------------- Tissa Electrical-------- 033-2226402 "Tissa" (20 years experience in German BENZ Company) Any automobile electrical problem Toyota Lanka Service Agent United Moters Service Agent A*W Service Agent --------------------------------------
  20. My Mitsubishi Delica P25, this is such a wonderful vehical with 4D 56 (Turbo) Engine. Friends, do u have any experience of using this van or if u knew any important thing a b Delica P25 pls share with me. Thank you http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/280/delica1hq3.jpg
  21. Ya machan, Remove the plug top's and clean it properly, couse we can't see their a some water drops just try it once in the morning
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