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  1. Hello all. I have crawled out from under my rock to humbly request your help. The Starlet's brakes are no longer sufficient for emergency stops, and the wheels do not lock up even if I stand on the pedal. Brake pad replacement did nothing. I believe it is time for new discs in the front. Could the AL alumni please point me in the right direction of getting this attended to? I don't mind paying more, as long as a solid job is done, without needing a revisit. As always, your input is greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a good one but it isn't for sale. Maybe the other one we're both familiar with is
  3. Sorry dude, was busy during the weekend and didn't get a chance to take any photos while taking it apart. The inside was coated in carbon dust, the brushes still had around 60% left. No ball racer, only a sleeve bearing which I sanded, and then cleaned it all up, but the commutator was cut up too badly, and there may have been a short in a winding because it kept blowing fuses only after a few minutes. I decided to scrap it and buy a used one for 4k. Thanks for you input
  4. @Davy just took apart the motor, the damned thing has a bush on the front, not a bearing. When i inserted thee shaft from the opposite end, there didn't appear to be any noticeable play, and no noticeable rubbing of the stator against the magnets. What would be your advise on this, as I am clueless about bushes. Would installing a racer do the trick?
  5. Were you able to locate spare brushes? My plan is to rebuild the racers (i've got some experience with rebuilding racers for my r/c vehicles). In either case the motor has to come out, I'll probably get to it on saturday. Thanks for your expertise (as usual) @Davy
  6. So my Starlet had a new radiator installed yesterday, because the old one's plastic tank cracked open and dumped coolant on Sri J'Apura mawatha. Root cause is a seized radiator fan, which loosens up just enough when warm/hot to spin, but is very stiff when cold. Has anyone attempted to repair the motor? In particular, I'd like to know if it uses ball racers on both ends, or brass bushes. if the former, I can easily recondition/replace the bearings, but I hate dealing with bushes and would much rather install a new motor that used ball racers. the motor is a Denso unit, but I can't find clear pictures of one in a state of disassembly showing what I need to see. Your feedback is as usual most appreciated.
  7. My 2015 Axio will also struggle to achieve momentum on a relatively steep hill, it's down to how the power is delivered to the wheels. Switching off Eco will help things.
  8. Tired of my dependable Starlet. I think it's time I bought an old European car.

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    2. terrabytetango


      E30 is tempting, but has to be a 6 cylinder. And I don't know anyone who is willing to part with theirs.

    3. pug306xsi


      well that will be a bit hard to find. How about an E34? I finally got the better half approval for a project, but having a hard time finding a good one.

    4. MrCat


      Actually, from a local/SL context, what`s the best Euro to have a bit of fun with sensible running costs? Not a big luxury barge, but something relatively nimble and fun..?  I reckon E36..? Or a Punto? Personally, E30 for me hands down (even a M20/M25 6cyl conversion is very very simple if an engine is found). But good quality parts/modifications are expensive compared to the E36.

  9. Yes Nightbreaker Unlimited's sorry. Mine are HB3/9006 for high beam, H11 for low.
  10. I fitted my Starlet with Osram Nightbreaker Laser bulbs recently, and they work well for me. My Axio Hybrid has Nightbreaker Ultras (one generation earlier) in all 4 lights and they've been fine thus far, especially the high beam, which in concert with the lows will force even the most determined high beam user to revert to dipped beams. I'd suggest staying away from HID and LED retrofits as they're not regulated and more often than not just blind oncoming cars.
  11. This is why you stick to 60km/h or less on any road other than the highway.
  12. how many here lift up the windscreen wiper blades on their cars, and why?

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    2. matroska


      I don't do it for a couple of reasons 

      1) I don't think it changes anything re blades getting melted 

      2) I park indoors 90% of the time 


    3. terrabytetango


      I too am of the impression it's a fruitless exercise, I care for mine with weekly by cleaning the blades. The originals ones which came with the car have lasted for over two years, daily parked in the sun. What concerns me is what might happen to the wiper arm hinge pin after a time, since I'm pretty sure it wasn't designed to be operated daily.

    4. ShintaroX


      Yup. It’s definitely a placebo effect because as everyone know, When you pop them up, they are even closer to the sun so logically they will melt much faster.

  13. i will speak to him and get back to you on that machan.
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