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  1. I have replaced my PANASONIC S95 12V 20HR 70Ah CCA 604A D26(JIS) with the following battery. AMARON HI-LIFE DURO EFB S95/105D26L, 12V 20HR 70Ah CCA 650 D26L Needed EFB or AGM battery with CCA value more 600 since my car is equipped with Auto start / stop. Couldn't just use 12V 70Ah battery. The Battery sellers tried to sell me AMARON HI-LIFE DURO EFB Q85/90D23L 12V 20HR 65Ah CCA 600 battery, as it was available everywhere but I insisted that I need S95. For your information please. Thank you
  2. My car is a non-hybrid Axio (NRE161) car manufactured in 2017. Since my battery is weak, I need to replace my car battery. The available battery spec is 12V 20HR 70Ah CCA 604A D26(JIS). When I checked with some battery shops in Kandy, they say 12V 70Ah battery is sufficient for the car as that is the only available battery in town. But I feel replacing with a 12V 70Ah battery is not that simple and need to be looked at some other values as well. Your valuable comments are highly appreciated. Thank you...
  3. I have added a clip to the hose where the reservoir tank hose connects the radiator. Seems like the problem has disappeared. Thank you very much everyone who have contributed this post....?
  4. After replacing the radiator cap with a new one, more coolant remain in reservoir tank... Any comments??????
  5. There is a coolant reduction in radiator. The reduced amount of coolant in radiator is almost equivalent to the excess amount of coolant in the reservoir. I did not hear any pressure release when I open the radiator cap after cooling over night.
  6. Thank you all for your replies. Yesterday I replaced the Radiator cap with a new one (Brand - Sankei cost me Rs.700 only). When I checked the coolant tank this morning, still the coolant level is about half inch above MAX level. The problem still exists.? The excess amount of coolant in the Reservoir tank (above MAX level) is enough to fill the Radiator, Meaning No coolant leak. Any suggestions please?????
  7. Thank you all for quick response. There are varies kinds of Radiator caps available in the market with a pressure rating 1.1 bar. Do you have any suggestions?
  8. No. ...I mean Indicator stays at middle after the engine reaches the working temperature.
  9. Pressure rating is 1.1 bar. The car overheating issue solved some time back after replacing the radiator fan. There is no overheating now. Temperature gauge indicator stays at center position all the time.
  10. Extremely sorry Mr. Davy...Thank you Mr. gNaveendra. Cap is an original one but used. It came with the used radiator which I bought few months back, to replace the leaking radiator. No idea about the condition.
  11. The coolant level in reservoir tank is about half inch above MAX level and the coolant in Radiator is bit low when I check in the morning. I usually fill the radiator and reservoir tank to MAX level as specified before a long drive. It seems like the coolant has not returned back to Radiator. Appreciate any comments on this.
  12. I heard there is a "Catalytic convertor Cleaner" in the market. Any experience on this???
  13. 1. There is a "tik tik" noise coming from exhaust line after every drive. Technicians say that noise is from catalytic convertor and there is nothing to worry about. 2. Recently the O2 sensor malfunctioned and the technician had the doubt that failure of O2 sensor may be due to blockage of exhaust line and cleaning of exhaust line will bring back the O2 sensor to working condition. Anyway I have replaced the O2 sensor.... My problems are 1. Is the sound "tik ik" from exhaust is ok??? 2. Is is necessary to clean the exhaust of older cars (more than 90,000km) cause the car can overheat? If yes how? Thank you.............
  14. Now the temperature needle stays at the center. Seems like the problem has been solved after replacing the fan motor. Thank you guys for your valuable comments.
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