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  1. I agree with Berm Moper... Actually my objective is not about the shock. According to mechanic some of the suspension related stuff has damaged... including the disk. He told that he couldn't find related stuff ... I do not have any clue about Hoday City spare location ... thats why I ask ... this question ...
  2. Hi All, I brought Honda CIty 1996-2002 car resently. Having problem with its left side wheel. I have to replace the wheel, Disk, Shock , control arms, tie rods etc ... I could not found any place to get them.. (second hand) Can some one suggest place to look. Regards, Pra
  3. Hi All, I measure the batter voltage in vehicle idle state after starting it for more than 15 min. The idle state voltage is 14.37 V ~ 14.38 V. Is this normal ?
  4. Hi All, Thank you very much for halping me on this. If I found any such option i'll let you all know about it. Regards,
  5. Hi All, Hi Romesh, Thank you for replying me. The car is Micro Kyron.. I'll do the voltage test on this saturday and let you know the values.
  6. It has the 12 V power socket But does not have AUZ audio in connector
  7. Hi All, My car has reguler car bettery. I observe that it's water level decreases frequently. But car is starting without any issue. What could be the reason fro this ? Is this because the battery is old ? Could it be due to problem with over charging ? One mechanic told me that the water get boiled and evoporate. He recomend an maintanance free battery. What do you thik about it ? Please help me. Regards.
  8. Hi Rover, Thank you very much for replaying me. What you mean by aux.port located inside the center console box ? You mean back side of the CD player ? I did not try it until I confirm because it require to remove lot of components of the dash board ..
  9. Hi Don, Thank you very much for replying me. It ia not a factory fitted one. Well Initially I thought it is some problem with reverce light/and tapping of reverce light. But it seems to be not the issue. Becuase the reverce camera get on when I put it in to reverce grear. But the Display does not get On. I have to manually switch on the diaplay.
  10. Hi All, My car has a reverse camera mirror fitted, earliear it gets switched on for reverse gear without any issue. But now it is not getting on for reverce gear. But if I manually switch it on after putting the reverce gear I can see it is working. When I change the gear the display does not get off (Shows empty blue screen) and I have to manually switched off. Can sombody help me to figure out the issue. Thanks, Pra.
  11. Dear All, I have prius 2 ng generation car. But the audio system does not have AUX connectior. But I beleve there should be a way to provide audio in most probebly from the back side connector. Does any one have idea availability of such connector. Please refer the below link. Thank you, Pra
  12. Hi All, I am planning to buy a hybrid car. My budget is around 3M. Currently I am using Mitsubishi Diesel Car and I am new to Hybrid world. According to my budget I have following options. Toyota Prius (2nd generation) Honda insight (2nd generation) Please advise me to select one from above. How about maintenance costs ? Where to do services ? Is there good mechanics for hybrid in SL ? How about marketability ? Any special advice selecting model such special features , Known issue with specific models etc. Thank you, Pra
  13. I am having diesel Galant 1999. This is a very good and stable car. Fuel consumption is 10~11 Km/l in Colombo. 14~15 Km/l in out station.
  14. Hi All, What are the steps for checking Mitsubishi Diesel Turbo Engine? I remove the "Oil Level Checking Rod" and start the engine. When I accelerate the car it split engine oil. Does that mean the engine condition is bad ? Please give me your suggestions. Thanks.
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