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  1. Right again @Gummybr Haval it is @MaleCortana it was only ever sold here under the Micro/Haval name so you lost on a technicality
  2. @john coopervery close but no cigar
  3. @MaleCortana incorrect i'm afraid
  4. @Kavvz Citroen Traction Avante
  5. @Kavvz that GP plate Impreza STI V/VI coupe?
  6. @top tip surely there must be a few Y61's tucked away safely in a some yard or another in Kurunegala/ Narammala 😅
  7. @Hyaenidae apologies for going missing after posting Fun gif!
  8. @matroska Vauxhall Wyvern ?
  9. Good catch! But some did - the ST series with the 1.8 and some MyRoad AT 192 Carina's as well but not all
  10. Or an AT19x Toyota Corona @matroska ?
  11. @MaleCortana I'll take it if you don't mind
  12. @Gummybr i should actually not have conceded because it gets badged as a C300 - as we can all see you need to held to a much higher standard!! 😅
  13. Thanks @GK_007 sure i'll have a go
  14. @iRage i'm going to have to make things impossibly hard to stave off you & @Gummybr from the old lot!
  15. Depends on the nature and complexity of the repair. What exactly is wrong with it?
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