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  1. friends lets list best motor mechanics (preferably for running repairs) within Colombo district. 1. Place should not be agent 2. Should be well equipped 3. Give care to our loving car 4. price is reasonable. (not overcharge as company type). 5. they should know what they are doing 6. repair should be solid This info may useful for people who looking to get vehicle repaired for next time.
  2. that killing subaru is too fast though wagonR seems to be wrong too #subaruKillsWaganR

  3. giving car corona rest. even i start and warm her..used to be a daily runner ....

    1. AVANTE


      You are not a true car lover if you don't put a mask on her. 

  4. is it only me notice cars with school badges in back are always in hurry & faster (even out of school time) :)

    1. AVANTE


      They are faster cuz they are more successful in life..lol

    2. iRage


      more successful in life ?

      nah...its because a bunch of naaki kolo and others told them they were special ?

    3. AVANTE


      @iRage that's what I meant ?

      "I am a *insert school name* -ian, I am special, I am successful, I am unique, I...am speed"

  5. Hey, Didn't they re calibrate CVT after the oil change. Issue is that. Just changing CVT oil is not enough & cause issues. CVT re-calibrate has to be done. Then only system identifies new oil pressure, oil capacity, oil weight & do transmission decisions based on new values. Ask them to re-calibrate. If they don't have that OBD port scanner used for it, do it from outside place. issue should go away
  6. Im already 120K done in CVT JDM and 3 times changed CVT oil. At 80K, even oil sump removed. At 120K it was just drain & refill. No any issues so far, but this place Lau*** Car** always wanted to remove sump. But when I got advice from TL tech hotline, they said sump removal is not recommended. You guys have any idea?
  7. here we go. carbon tax is stopped !

    1. AVANTE


      For real? But why all of a sudden?

    2. Magnum


      Election dramas :D

  8. 80% of Vezels I see on road have back damaged. what can be the reason man ???? 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. AVANTE


      @Uditha88 when we rented a 2018 wagonR, the guy who rented it out to us, used to work in A*W. He had got the auto-brake feature disabled, saying it is not suitable for Srilankan roads and could lead to accidents.

    3. sathyajithj99


      Overusing the doggy style

    4. tiv


      Yea the Suzuki auto brake is kinda stupid in comparison to the Toyota Saftey sense, 

  9. http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/20166-nissan-dayz-recommendation/?page=0#comment-312853
  10. y no toyota jdm has paddle shifters?

    1. iRage


      There are plenty of JDM cars with paddle shifters...we are talking about everything from sedans, to SUVs, to staion wagons to kei cars. You don't see them much in SL because 90% of the cars that get imported to SL are either fuel sipping econo boxes or base grade variants just dressed up. If someone starts a rumor in SL saying that paddle shifters increase fuel efficiency then there will be plenty of JDM cars with paddle shiters.

    2. Uditha88


      ok but see me pointing 'toyota'. not just jdm. we all know honda etc. come with it even this moment ....

    3. iRage


      I missed the Toyota part....plenty of Toyotas have paddle shifters. Again...just that what comes to SL are the econo boxes or the non-sporty, run-of the mill variants of models...so in any brand those will not have paddle shifters. For example in the JDM Corolla family the only sporty models were the Auris, which came with paddle shifters or 6M/T in the sports grade and in the previous generations the Fielder S.... The Toyota Vanguard had paddle shifters on the Sport grade...so did some grades of the Harrier...limited editions of the Vitz RS had paddle sifters, Mark X has paddle shifters, some grades of the Crown Athlete has paddle shifters, etc....then in the 90s and early 2000s some models had buttons on the steering wheel to change gears....

      None of these grades came to SL because what came were the thel higanna variants of all these models :P




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