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  1. wug

    Importing a nissan march

    can't. You can only import 3.5 year old cars.
  2. I checked it. you are correct. but i couldn't find the value of percentage. http://www.treasury.gov.lk/docs/budget2011/gazzets-fpd/1680-22/Excise-excemption-2011-sin.pdf
  3. wug

    Importing Car

    I also looking for subaru impreza. can u pm me the details.
  4. wug

    Importing Car

    If i put the money to my friends sri lankan bank account is it illegal? Is it a problem for clearing process?
  5. wug

    Importing Car

    I also want to know that thing. Can any one tell the proceidure.
  6. I'm going to import 2007 Yaris. Can any one know the exact tax price for Yaris 2007/6 car.
  7. You cannot buy a manual supersaloon bcoz all super sallons areAuto. I used N 16 Its very comfortable car.
  8. I checked starter motor with garage and its not working. so i change it. I change my battery but engine doesn't start. It start only one time.
  9. I bought a Mitsubishi L 300 last friday. When i comming to home my vehicle stop due to battery over charge. so i change the batterry acid and start again. After few hours my engine stop. so i checked with gurage they change the diesel filter and told me to change the starter motor. Last sunday i change the starter motor and start. It start. But IN the night my batterry is charge less. So i charged it again and try to start but its not start. motor is working but doesent start. Im very upset becoz i bought this in friday. What i do now? please help me friends..
  10. I also think that kind of thing. Anyone know what is the importing procedure? How we import a car from japan?
  11. Don't buy a serena. Better to go for Vanette or Townace.
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