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  1. I used to own a 2013 GP5 and nothing to complain. It is great on the fuel economy with around 15 to 18 kmpl in the city with traffic and 25 to 30 kmpl on the highway and in the city at off-peak time. with the 1.5cc engine is very responsive with a good weight-to-power ratio and pick up speed is amazing. very good inside space and it gives a feeling of space inside a SUV. only complain would be probability of the failure of the dual clutch transmission which affects less than 5% of the GP5, Vezel, Grace hybrids. But there are enough of cars which have done 100k plus KMs with no issues. As per the price of a GP5 these days, it looks a bit high with artificial increase due to lack of imports for vehicles of that price range.
  2. Hi all, highly appreciate any insight on the following; Does the general wear and tear of the brake pads (front & rear) of civic hatch 1.0L turbo tend to be higher than other models/cars? Any personal experience of having to replace the pads before 30k KMs? Also will there be a terribly negative impact of using non-OEM brake pads instead of the original pads which currently sells at an average of Rs. 60K for both front & rear? thanks Lexi
  3. for Hybrid vehicles.. Exice duty - nil VAT -nil RIDL - nil SRL-nil NBT -2% Custom Duty - 15% PAL - 5% so ur CIF value 1.8% *+ 22.6% = 2.2M (price after total tax)
  4. Nov 23, 2010 (LBO) - Sri Lanka has made electric and hybrid cars duty free, while a cut in value added tax and higher rates of depreciation allowed for used cars in the 2011 budget will make both brand new and used vehicles cheaper, analysts said. Sri Lanka cut the maximum rate of value added tax to 12 percent from 20 which will reduce the import tariffs paid on all cars, though some commercial vehicles were already on the lower duty. President Mahinda Rajapaksa said electric and hybrid vehicles will be completely freed from excise duties and value added tax to promote environmental friendly vehicles. Motor homes will also be made duty free, according to the budget document. The depreciation tables used to calculate duty on used cars will also be increased which will reduce total levies paid, industry analysts said. Sri Lanka allows cars up to three years old to be imported. Now three year old cars will be depreciated 60 percent compared to about 80 percent earlier, two year old cars will depreciated. The budget speech said the depreciation tables will comply with World Trade Organization rules. State and public sector workers will get duty free concessions for the import of cars. Levies for the smallest cars are slightly over 80 percent, while mid sized cars attract rates over 100 percent. Rulers and lawmakers get tax free cars.
  5. So if all of the proposed amendments go ahead this is how the total tax rate going to stand for each category petrol < 1000cc - 68 % of CIF value >1000cc < 1600cc - 88% >1600cc < 3000cc - 108% >3000cc - 135% Diesel < 1600cc - 135% of CIF value >1600cc < 2000cc - 185% >2000cc <2500cc - 196% >2500cc - 210%
  6. from the what i heard in the budget speech there is reduction on the below VAT from 20% to 12% NBT - from 3% to 2% Regional infrastructure development levy (RIDL) - from 5% to nil Social responsibility levy (SRL) - from 2% to nil All above taxes are applied on vehicles so there will be a sizable reduction in vehicle prices after January 2011
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