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  1. I'm not 100% sure but according to my calculations KSP90 tax is roughly Rs 2.6 Mil.(yen rate @1.6) If it has 8 air bags, another 80k extra ! good luck..
  2. it doesn't go under same category as Premio. Premio goes under HS code 8703.22.59 and ZRR70 goes under HS 8703.23.92 . Anyway if you order directly from Japan you can get the 2009 model for about 6.2 Mil and 2010 model for about 6.5 Mil.
  3. does any one have a TRJ150 owner's manual ? If you have a PDF copy or even a hard copy please do let me know. Thanks update: or if anyone knows where to buy one please do inform me.
  4. Thanks for all the comments guys. Seems like I have to rethink about renting.. as suggested by SeanD I may rent it out with a reliable driver. I dont want me FB15 to get abused!! Again thanks alto for all your valuable comments ! really helped to make a decision!
  5. Hi Guys, I'm planning to rent out my FB15 to a rent a car company in Rajagiriya. Those guys offered me 40k per month. Is it a good price? Or can I rent it out to taxi services ? is it possible ? your advice is highly appreciated!!x Thanks
  6. That is not correct!! DX 2006 comes with ABS and Head Light adjustment switch.
  7. Probably I have to get a loan if buying the 1300cc.. Even though the resell value is low I have spent 8lakhs less than the 1300cc. most probably I'll go with 1000cc due to my budget and I think extra 8 lakhs for 1300cc is totally unacceptable. If its a 3-4 lakhs difference I would have gone with 1300cc. I have to settle for a 1000cc. Thanks a lot for your advice guys!!
  8. Only issue is there is a price difference of 8 Lakhs(1000cc -26/75 and 1300cc 34/75) !! Is it worth paying that extra for the 1300cc?
  9. Thanks for the advice mate. 1300 seems better!!
  10. Hi Guys, I'm planning to buy a Toyota Belta 1000cc but some of my friends told me 1000cc is not good and go for the 1300cc. I'm buying this for day to day use within colombo. So what do you guys think? 1000CC or 1300CC ? Also what would be a good price for 1000CC and 1300CC. Really appreciate your replies. Cheers
  11. My clearing agent said they haven't received the required information for Hybrid Tax deduction. But he did confirmed cars below 1500cc has gone down by at least 200k.
  12. Anyone can confirm about the hybrid tax? Honda Civic hybrid 2008 CIF is around SLR 1.8 million. any idea about the tax?
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