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  1. Friends, We sold a (11Sri 68) Valkwagon Passet (Green Color) in 2004 to a person in Katharagama.. Now we are interested in buying it back since we sold it for a money urgency... I know the first place I should go and look for it is RMB.. This is a try to find a clue if available with anyone before go to RMB... Even the info of the person we sold it is lost.. If anyone has any info relating the search, pls reply to this thread.. Thank you in advance..
  2. Guys... Yesterday I took the car to United Moters and got the engine tested... They have cleared few errors in the system and that has reduced the vibration and shifting problem to some extent.... The acceleration is also a bit increased... They told that the problem is with the petrol pump and it should be replaced... The cost for the replacement is going to be Rs. 176,000.00... I hope the fuzzo's information will help me a lot in here.... Thanks bro... They also told not to tune up or clean injectors until I replace the pump since it may cause more reduced acceleration or vehicle may not s
  3. Well... Thank you very much for all the information... So I guess the first thing I should do is getting the engine tested.... Does anyone know how much they charge for the testing in A*W?? Do they test Mitsubishi??? Are there any other good places for this??? If I cannot find the problem from the testing I will try the things you guys mentioned here... I heard that repairing the GDI unit is merely impossible or very difficult to do.... IS this coil replacing is something to do with the GDI unit??? Will the mechanic again shit with my engine??? Yes I admit that there is a problem in the reg
  4. Smoking was there even before that... That was one reason for me to go for the repair... As I know usually the gasket goes due to overheating of the engine result as running without water or something related to the cooling system.... I did't come across any such event where the vehicle overheat.... Is there any other causes for the blown gasket??? Thank you very much for the information....
  5. Friends, I'm having a Pjero io (GDI 1.8) that has done around 140,000 km for now... I'm Having following problems in the vehicle which I suspect as coming from the engine... A huge vibration when the vehicle is slowing down... Whenever I apply breaks... It is not there in the morning but comes after driving the vehicle for some time.. Very poor acceleration... The acceleration is very poor and specially in hill roads the vehicle is not simply accelerating at all... A huge white smoke is coming out when the car is parked for a period like 10 minutes in start... It doesn't go off until I of
  6. RAHU


    I have no offence to anyone.....just thought of posting my idea as this is a FORUM.......where anyone can post with their ideas...... Even I have a bad impression on the way that a lot of senior people has commented on the simple question he asked......Everyone was talking about the fast way of googling it while they spend hours on typing offensive replies for the thread......Same time I don't think that anyone will be there outside that who wants to get lessons on google from you anyone......If someone think that it is a wasting of time.....then the simplest reply had to be something like "V
  7. The new face of Hilux looks fantastic...... But I decided to go for a L200 as I found it as a hard usable vehicle....And also as a model with less troubles....More than anything, I'm familiar with the vehicle and know places to get services done and buy parts and all......So the maintenance will be easier..... Additionally, the look of the vehicle is also not bad except to the ball kind of shape of the back side of the vehicle....But I saw that once after we fix a cover for the back....the ugly look goes away...... Trying to go for a good range of L200 and already found several good optio
  8. Thanks a lot for all the opinions of all my friends.... My father is already using a 2011 (March) Hilux imported brand new.....That is why I was not much interested on buying another one.... I can go up to 50 Laks......I'm planning to sell my current L200 for around 2.5 Million...... I found several reconditioned Navaras and L200s for that budget.....But Navaras at that budget were quite used and specially the interior was not in a good condition.....Even I found L200 as a good option......But I also see the difference in options......Navara is full with options......I found one for 50 with
  9. Hey Friends, As I posted few times earlier also I'm currently using a Mitsubishi L200 (1998) model double cab.... Now I'm planing to move into a new vehicle (Double cab)and have two choices between Nissan Navara and new L200..... These are the areas that I want to get clarified.. What will be the best choice among two models? What carries better off road capabilities? Is there any common faliers in any of these models? What are the differences between Animal, Warrior and sportero models in L200? your help will be appreciated.... Thank you
  10. RAHU

    Safari Snorkels

    I know bro....I was also just not serious.......
  11. RAHU

    Safari Snorkels

    Thank you very much for your corporation my friend......
  12. RAHU

    Safari Snorkels

    No offence brother......But where did you see a 3 wheeler with a snorkel???? And I said 4WD.....Not 3WD......
  13. RAHU

    Safari Snorkels

    Thank you very much for the information friend......Any idea about the price of a unit???? I actually don't do deep water crossings......But I often travel outstation and has to go through minor off roads......But I felt the need of a one as my cab is not the tall 4WD version of this family.....it is bit shorter but still has 4WD on that......
  14. RAHU

    Safari Snorkels

    Friends, I'm having a 1998 Mitsubishi L200 4WD double cab.....I'm looking for a snorkel for my vehicle and got to know that Safari Snorkels are good in this subject.......Can anyone tell me from where I can find one to buy and the average price of a unit.......A used one in good condition will be also do the job.......It will be really help full if I can know a good place to get it fixed......Any comments on the brand and if there are any suggestions it will be appreciated..... Thank you.....
  15. Peugeot 407 my friend........I have experienced all of the above when I wanted to replace the fan of the car as it has broken when I tried to drive it through water....(In a rainy day).......In tht car it was located under side (dont knw the exact place)....I had to import it from Singapore as I was unable to find a one frm here.....until I had to keep the car at my home with all switched on dash board lights......The whole electronic circuit was malfunctioned.....the total cost only for the fan (without labor) was nearly 65,000 If anyone can bear tht amount....no issues at all......I mention
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