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  1. Anyone has ever tried this. Looks cool!!!! https://www.cliaraessentialoils.com/products/vehicle-diffuser
  2. It happened to both key fobs. And always at my garage in the morning. And it is in country and only interfered by monkeys and elephants!
  3. Dear Friends, I do have a Mazda3 and now it is used for more than 2 years and driven for 35k+ kms. My problem is when I am going to unlock it in first time of the day it refuses to unlock even I am very close to driver side door. I had to open it using the key few times and it starts honking and illuminating hazards and I managed to silent her by press unlock button while inside the car. But after first time it works as nothing happened and remote functions for fair distance. Do you guys have any idea regarding this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Dear friends, my car is due to lend for my cousin's homecoming. Is there any precautions, special tapes or any advice to protect the paint from decorations and specially when removing them. And is there any method of removing decorations to prevent paint from peeling/scratching... Car is soul red Mazda3. Thanks in advance.
  5. Congratulations dude! Just saw the thread !! Are you fully recovered now.
  6. I have tried to bring down a non hybrid axela (1.5/2l) through an importer. But none of them were interested. They all were busy with premios and axios. Did not even try to check one. And finally settled with agent for regular 3. I have opened a thread to get support in decision making.
  7. 6, If you can go for 2.5 one. It is full spec. Anyway 2l one also will never let you down.
  8. Just for knowing, what are the explanations/reassurance given by the car sale guys when you inquire about those prior to buying and after buying?any difference pre and post scenarios .
  9. Dear friend , Have you ever thought to attend your wifey to driving classes. Ya I know changing thinking pattern of them is difficult but living without a car you like too. And learn to drive a manual is easy than they think. Once happened to me and ended same way. You may convince her to learn manual. Good luck.
  10. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="SANCAR" data-cid="289717" data-time="1456410540"><p> <br /> Decide who is the Troll...<br /> <br /> I'm asking about Nissan March K10 and you are mentioning other cars. Be specific.<br /> <br /> I know some cars which belonging to my friends and they have reached 15km/l. (starlet EP71, Daihatsu Coure 1996, Maruti 1996)<br /> <br /> Most of the new comers start a new topic in "car buying information" to get more ideas for buying a car. They may have zero or little knowledge about the
  11. You can reach 15 kmpl in most above mentioned cars only by pushing it in the return journey . Am I the only one smell a troll?
  12. Bro, If you have only that amount of money and do you really need a car (mean you desperately need a car, eg.small baby, pregy wife, job requirement ..) then simply forget your love and go for the need. Maruti 800s with late K plates go for cheap these days. Cars are not like wives , you can chase your dreams once you are capable enough. Till then ride one safely. Wanna stress "safely" cos they are lack of lot of safety features .
  13. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Crishan" data-cid="289522" data-time="1455795059"><p><br/> <br /><br/> Not an expert. But my 2 cents.<br /><br/> <br /><br/> Firstly, forget the gifts. It's cheap marketing stategy. Will your kid have any benefit out of a bag/mug/bike etc when reached 18 years? My suggestions....<br /><br/> <br /><br/> 1) Example: If your salary is 100K, try saving LKR 5000/= monthly basis in a kids savings account in a stable bank at least with a Fitch ratting of AA- (Assuming t
  14. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Hoonigan" data-cid="289519" data-time="1455791643"><p> <br /> I'm not a financial expert so please don't send your kid with a shotgun in 18 years <br /> <br /> I would rather get in the habit of setting aside a particular amount every month (probably in a separate account/short term FD) and once you have enough, but small quantities of gold (24K coins/biscuits) and maybe a piece of land down the line. It will be better to have a mix of assets/investments rather than a chunk of just one.<br /> <br />
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