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  1. Thanks friends... I think my question may have been a bit confusing.. So to summarise.... Bought the van: no ABS light at all, odo meter works Two weeks later: odo meter stopped working. My only aim here is to get the odo fixed. Put van to garage to fix odo: garage tell me odo meter works through ABS. However ABS is not working and ABS light also disabled. Garage 1st fix try: fix sensor to gear box and have that feed the data to odo meter. But they find there is no place to fix sensor in gear box. So this fix is abandoned. Garage 2nd fix: They try to fix it through ABS. They manage to get ABS light on. (However ABS light doesnt turn off as ABS is not working). Then they replace ABS controller card. Then odo meter starts working! Yippee! After two weeks of driving: odo meter stops working again. Bummer!! Now I remember another electrician told me.. to make odo meter work have to replace ABS controller. But it wont "last long". Looks like he was right. Again went to garage today: They said will try to work out some thing.. dont know what.. Any other advice is welcome.. just need the odo fixed for a long duration.. Thanks...
  2. Hello Friends, I bought a KR42 diesel convert. When I bought the van the meter was working fine for couple of weeks and then stopped working. Had it fixed with much effort. ABS light was not on since when I bought it. Garage did something and ABS light got on (and ABS not working) and speedo meter was fixed. They said they replaced "ABS Control Box" (not the ABS unit) (charged me 7500/= sans labour for that). After about 2 weeks now again its not working! Can anyone advice me? I need to get this fixed. And the van does not have a speedo meter wheel in the gear box to fix a sensor and fix it that way either. Any idea why this keeps breaking??
  3. Thanks people! What a lot of useful information! Any possibility of seeing a side view comparison with pics?
  4. Hi Community, I did a search on the forum but nothing came up. With regard to Toyota cr42 there is a term used that sounds something like "just low". (Please edit the subject if necessary as I am not quite sure how the term sounds) It is about "usa thattuwa" I guess. Can anyone explain this term and how to identify it? Word is that they modify to lower the usa thattuwa and sell.
  5. Thanks guys for the inputs! Much appreciated! Been hunting my self.. and found that kr52 is petrol 4wd.. and fuel efficiency (fe) is insanely low... and my car sale friend said that even if I were to convert it to diesel it would have lower fe than cr42. This seems to be because of added weight from 4wd components.. When I said about lower maintenance costs.. I didn't specifically mean about the engine only.. cause I believe that a diesel will have more expensive suspension parts, larger radiators etc. I suppose then the two vehicles to compare would be kr42 and cr42.. (just to add some additional info this is the vehicle I had my eyes on.... https://######.lk/en/ad/toyota-noah-kr52-2007-for-sale-colombo-18 )
  6. Hi All, Can anyone help me with the following? I am looking at a Toyota kr52 auto gear to buy (NOT kr42). This is the vehicle I believe.. https://carfromjapan.com/cheap-used-toyota-townace-van-2006-for-sale-5bbb28d032d6ae1f0ff3b92b 1. Is it a difficult vehicle to sell in the second hand market? for example compared to cr42 (diesel) 2. Compared to a cr42 (or comparable diesel.. cr52??) how will it fare on running costs? cr42 repairs/maintenance would be expensive and frequent? kr52 repairs/maintenance will be very low? And would the kr52 low maintenance cover up for the high fuel consumption against repairs/maintenance for cr42 on long time usage? 3. Does the kr52 struggle with pulling power if loaded with 7 or 8 people and luggage? 4. How is the availability of parts?
  7. Some of us drive older vehicles. Even with the best intentions there are instances where wearing the seat belt is simply forgotton (no alarms beeping as a warning). I could be paranoid but could the system be trying to dicourage usage of old vehicles? It seems that motoring is becoming a tedious task and sometimes I feel it is better to take public transport even though they are jam packed..
  8. hasmax, how about starting your engine. Does it take a lot of effort? I was once faced with this situation... so had to make a decision about whether to do an overhaul or fix a new engine.. went for a new engine.. and so far the new engine hasn't given me any trouble. suggest you go for a new engine.. it's other components will hopefully be newer and last longer.. for example.. alternator, power steering pump, compressor and optionally gear box too.. However from advice received by me if you do an overhaul properly with genuine parts you could get a engine like new, (but not other parts).. and then there were some who said however you repair your eninge it will not be of the original state.. but that's second hand opinions.. so find someone who had done a successfull overhaul and then make a decision...
  9. Isn't the law coming in to effect on 1st Oct?
  10. By the way I managed to fix the seat belts.. all by myself If anyone want's to know how to fix theirs PM me and I will try to help
  11. Hi all... I hope this question is appropriate.. I used to wear seat belt.. then they belted up... The problem is that the belts are kind of stuck and won't come out.. any idea where I could get help to fix them?
  12. After reading this I think I will pass on super diesel..
  13. Jami what do you mean? You mean a higher sulphur content makes more of the injected fuel to be burnt?
  14. what about the sulphur content? It is less in super diesel right?
  15. tks fookie, care to explain why? I was thinking this would be good for the engine with more power as well as lower smoke..
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