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  1. i like punto MK2 (not the facelift).. as I've heard,it costs too much to maintain the model than other vehicles in my list..im looking for very economical vehicle..for daily use..which is good for my pocket...any ideas??
  2. thanx a lot friends.. as crosswind said, im a bit into euroz.. but i already got a 406 d9.so if i bought 206 it will cost too much to maintain 2 european cars...im looking for a small hatch..2 door 4 seater cars are ok with me.but the car should be very economical.....and i can spend 1.4mil its ok.i've seen there are lot of ford festiva cars for sale? what do you think of that model? how about micro panda? is it a good car? friends,can you please tell me the fuel consumption of the cars below? Toyota Starlet EP82 (petrol and deisel)-- suzuki maruti (indian) suzuki alto (indian) suzuki a
  3. i need to buy a car below Rs.1.2 mil..but im not good in vehicle subjects..need your help friends.. im looking for a small car( bcz i dont have large space to park my own vehicle )..im interested in buying a hot hatch like, fiat punto,VW golf,Ford KA, something like that..but i dunno about the repair costs of these models...so im afraid to buy..i like the mini minor model.. but i've heard there are lot of troubles with the books of those cars...help me friends..need your advises..if you can please recommend me some models to buy..thanks..
  4. according to your posts my car will be the best 2L car in the roadz. bcz um using 406 2L HPI executive and it gives me 15kms per a p.liter....car mart says that there are less than 10 cars with Hpi engine in srilanka..and 6 of those cars are in best condition..im glad because i've got one of the best hpi cars..
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