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  1. When he wanted to change the engine he went with the engine and gearbox since it was from the facelift, he got the complete engine and gearbox wire harness together. Anyway that's what he said. Just want to make sure it's in decent shape even with an accident as I will do a engine rebuild with bigger cams and complete exhaust from manifold. Let's see!
  2. ? yes very true, she looks nice with the makeup. Yes it's in Kandy and somebody told me that it has met with an accident. Maybe dats the reason he has put a new engine and gearbox. Why would anyone swap a 4AGE with another same engine.
  3. Hi, Yes with this lock down could not go and see the car. The seller has changed the engine and gearbox from his his old 4AGE with 5 forward to a new same 4AGE to a 6 forward which came from the facelift version. Here are some pictures.
  4. Noted thanks iRage. Can you also please reccomend me a place to do a port and polish. Thanks.
  5. Greetings, I am looking to buy a Carina GT AT210 and there is one available which has its transmission changed from 5 forward to a 6 forward transmission. My question is, it is possible to change the gearbox to a 6 forward without changing ECU etc? Is it a straight clean swap? Thanks for helping out. Cheers.
  6. Hi guys, Thinking of buying a VZR which has been put for sale for quite some time now. Its pretty beaten up and has been with quite a few hands. I'm interested in doing a full restoration on the car. Please advise/reccomend a good place to do a full restoration of the car. Parts are not a problem as I will importing the necessary from Japan and Australia. Appreciate the advise. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Need to get a test done for a Nissan Tiida before purchasing. Car is currenly located in Boralesgamuwa 1. Do i need to go to A*W or will another place would do? Need contact info if anybody has. 2. rough cost 3. What will they check and will they give a report on engine condition 4. Where to find the paint code of the car If these were answered previously, please share the links. Thank you
  8. Hello, Need Mitsubishi Lancer C12 Parts for a restoration project. Any help is greatly appreciated. Below are the parts needed. Inside (Car Colour - Nevada Sand) 1) Dash Board with Meter 2) Console Box 3) Door Arm rest (all four doors) 4) Winder handle (All four doors) 5) Door trims 6) Center mirror Outside 1) Front and Rear buffer 2) Side Mirrors (Both) 3) Nicole frame beading around the body 4) Nicole/plastic door beading (all four doors) 5) Two signal light strips just under the head lights (both side)
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