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  1. 2 hours ago, wolseley said:

    Hey Matroska.

    It’s nice to see another EP71 user in the forum. I’ve been using one since 2007. Though I have used one EP82 and couple of EP91s the Boxy was the one fascinated me most so I was eyeing for a one for some time. Since my preference was a two door car with reasonable body shape finally settled for an EP76 van for 475000. Sadly cars of those kinds are now in the hands of people who couldn’t afford for the required maintenance. So mine was of the same. Bringing in it to a standard of my choice was actually a painful and time and consuming job but I enjoyed every step of that. So I hope we can share the experiences in restoration.

    Happy motoring in a nippy starlet



    Is this abroad? Looked like Australia for a sec.

  2. 6 hours ago, AVANTE said:

    Hmmm, yes... I shall go back to my cave and prepare myself for such conversations with the females. 

    In the meantime, have to add FD1 to my wishlist.

    Also, have you made up your mind on buying your next ride? 

    Got an audi a4 b5 bro. Only got pictures as of now. But its in my home now. My Bestfriend got it for me. 

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  3. 22 hours ago, AVANTE said:

    I swear I was checking out some FD4s on the adsites when I heard the notification bell. I'd love a Euro Sedan any day (406, Jetta MK5, E46, W124, you name it). It's just that maintaining one from our area is a bit of an exercise. For now, we have to stick to japs, not like that's a bad thing. Also, I'd say any econobox is in vain for us Kanda uda guys. 1.15 hours and that too without a fine? I'm seriously impressed. FD1s seem like a bargain now, maybe because of the 1.8 that disappoints the Thel worshippers. 

    For now I'll stick to jangis. Easier to get away trouble-free & complaint free. Not like I can attract lankets in a honda anyway. 

    See? Destiny...

    Bro I was gonna have an Alfa in kandy, BMW should be a breeze compared.

    Get the FD1. The FD4 has 2kmpl less and literary no options what so ever. The whole point in buying an FD1 is the value for money and looks.


    You get these only on fd1


    pedal shifters 

    Cruise control(fd4 can be done aftermarket)


    Double din panel included(99%)(aftermarket ok)

    Climate control ac with the small screen was standard.

    Im getting old, I cant remember the rest. So yes. Get the FD1, get a mugen bodykit, coilovers, straight pipe, cold air intake and a hard on! Imagine going to kcc in ur raybans and honking at ol class chicks ?.

    Possible convo - wowww patta wandiya ayyee. Ayya beat ekkuth tyla nee!Race karandako. Shaaaa patta saddai nee. Mawath daan yannako watayak. Oyata kenek innawada ayye?

    See? Buy it bro


    Vtec kicked in yo!!

    Actually iVtec kicked in yo!!!

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    Daihatsu Mira LA300S user review

    2 hours ago, Sir Lancerlot said:

    @Sir Lancerlot



    the yanks call burgers, Sandwiches.

    Its sometimes confused cos of that. Its actually a cheeseburger!

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    Daihatsu Mira LA300S user review

    3 hours ago, tiv said:

    Actually this was a whole ago, my wife had an exam, so I was parked beside a road in Colombo, in no way was I blocking any path, i was parked in the main road, adjacent to his entrance to the main road  besides what can a tiny car like this block, well, so a fella in a Range Rover came from a private road exiting to the main road and made a scene, with specific references to the car being small blah blah,  his being big and wide, 

    It not being my turf and since it was in front of the head office of the governing body of my career, where my wife went for the exams,  I just moved the tiny car about 5 inches forward just for his sake, whereas he had atleast 3 feet both sides to enter into the main road, 

    I was not in anyway encroaching into the private road whatsoever and nor was I blocking it, 

    Yea probably, but this one got pretty rich pretty fast 



    Hence thereafter gradually phased out both my keis as there is no point being smart and trying to commute efficiently in a country like this. As numerous stunts from buses and lorries and noobs in suvs, on a daily run will one day end up with some accident.

    Like my old uncle used to say, find the largest lump of metal between you and the car or tree you are going to crash with.

    A guy who skipped a prado and bought a range rover for sure. The plug in hybrids are everywhere now.prado/LC people buy RR cos of that. And most of them are already stranded. I love range rovers. But its not worth the cost in SL.

  4. 7 hours ago, AVANTE said:

    You're spoiling me bro ?. We'll see in the upcoming future. 

    Bro anything other than a BMW is in vain for us kandu uda guys. Maybe even a honda if you want reliable. Wbt a tasty honda FD1? Mmmm nice...I used to have one fully loaded, did kandy col run in 1.15 hours at night. No jokes(not reccomended anymore) 

    PS. The Red FD1 got the jangis down or lankets,if ur into that too. Im not judging ?

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  5. 6 hours ago, AVANTE said:

    Suzuki's and heat love each other it seems. We had an every at one point and can confirm. Maybe that's why the drug dealers prefer them, cause they get hot and keep you warm when you are chilling high on some ice. Wonder how the new Suzuki K-series engines deal with heat. 

    The buyer bought it as an upgrade from a 2016 Alto and he praised the car to the point I realize it's in good hands. Atleast they don't fall apart like an Alfa ?

    Haha lol. They gonna need the Ice!

    So whats next bro? BMW to tackle the hills in mawanella? One word- E46!

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