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  1. it's ok..like I said, its difficult to stay on to a single FM frequancy due to the fact that almost all those are already occupied by the radio channels. hence there will be interruptions.
  2. I have the same unit,this is only a modulator, which means this can play the audio files on the phone via the car stereo. although this comes with a battery inside, you'll have to keep it plugged in continuously to have enough signal strength to reduce the interference from other FM channels, As you mentioned, we can't tune a radio channel using this unit, this would only broadcast the audio on a selected frequency. Since Sri Lanka has more radio channels than what it really needs, you'll have hard time fixing up for one frequency, i generally use 89.0,89.1 and 89.3 depending on where I am.
  3. Just found out, the bulbs I had were GE Megalight Ultra +120 H11
  4. No HID, those are Helogen bulbs.
  5. Bulbs were installed at TL and on the last instance it was at a shop near Moors ground. So i assume a certain degree of professionalium in handling the bulbs. I don't see any leaks causing the issue. With regard to the bulb model I don't have a clear idea. I just went with what TL replaced for my last purchase and chose a replacement bulb with the same adaptor (HB11 or something) Any known electricians in the Union Place, borella area who can attend to this.
  6. I was using the genuine Toyota bulbs still the last time, when it got burnt, I got a pair of GE bulb replaced. I don't see any difference between the brand, even if it is brand new the result was same..
  7. I've been using this car for about 20 months now. when I got it it has done 56k and now 85k. during this period of time, I had to replace the low beam light several times, almost 8 - 10 bulbs I've replaced during the period. When I spoke to the previous user, who is a colleague at my work place, he also mentioned the same issue. Since the problem is known I had one spare bulb in the car this weekend, when I was travelling to Kandy, left side bulb went off, Upon reaching the destination I changed it. However when I stared the car last nyt to come back, the right side low beam gone off. Any g
  8. Sometimes back i bought this DVR cam. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Small-HD-720P-In-Car-Dash-Camera-Video-Register-Recorder-Mini-DVR-Cam-G-sensor-/231576246329?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item35eb051839 My main concern was that the DVR should not be visible once fixed and should be able to connect to the car video player. this offers all these, but the camera quality especially during night hours is not so great. last time i checked, the same product is available at S*n Lanka for 15,000/=.
  9. Hi all, A friend of mine who works at VW Australia strongly advised against replacing battery cells or installing reconditioned batteries. So I checked out the prices of battery pack from Toyota Japan through another friend who is in vehicle trade in Japan. Apparently the price of battery pack is 300,000 yens, approx Rs.340,000, alternatively only battery modules can be bought for 160,000 yens, approx Rs.175,000. a known logistics company said the total import duties, including PAL & VAT will be 48% of the value. Meanwhile I took back the vehicle from TL and went home during the long we
  10. Hi, I searched the forum to find out information on the issue i'm encountering now with my car, having not find any discussion, I tried to start a new topic, unfortunately I couldn't find a link to start a new topic, So I'm posting it here, a topic i posted sometime ago on the same car. about 2 months back, the 2010 Prius that i'm using started to indicate more pulling power and felt like i was driving on power mode (actually i was on eco mode) after few days the check engine mark lit up together with check hybrid battery massage. TL upon diagnosing said that 3 cells are under charged, they s
  11. tinyman

    Fuel Efficiency

    I keep the air pressure at 32, is it ok. the reason I don't keep the air pressure at 28-30 is thinking that it will result in even less ground clearance.
  12. tinyman

    Tyre Prices

    Oops.. thanks for the insight.. so, I won't be able to make use of it,nah...
  13. tinyman

    Tyre Prices

    Bought the tires for 58,800/- (inc.11% VAT) and took a drive to Galle this weekend on highway. tires seems to be good. but they did not issue any written warranty for the claimed 50,000 km range & gave me a discount voucher on 15% on Toyota Motor oil & parts. Earlier I had 185/65R15 sized tires and this time replaced with 195/65R15 sized tires. One of the tire I had is on a good condition (two worn out rear tires & the one front tire with a cut on the side wall had to be replaced), So I took it back thinking that I would be able to use it if something goes wrong with any of the ne
  14. tinyman

    Tyre Prices

    I'm also getting Pirelli tyres from TL for 58,800 (195/65R15) with wheel alignment and balancing done free. they guarantee 50,000km as well as 15% discount on spares & 10% discount on labour at TL. they claimed the tyre is soft. My question is how come the tyre would be soft if it is to perform 50,000kms
  15. We have two hybrid cars of same kind, one reg. book says its a hybrid and the other says patrol, (although it is also a hybrid). the one which mentioned as hybrid doesnt require emmission test to renew the rev.license, for the other we have to get the test report every year. better check your and get it corrected.
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