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  1. It happens if you are buying an unregistered permit vehicle. PAYE tax payers are eligible. Basically the seller has to give a letter indicating the selling price and the buyer has to prove that amount is taxed.
  2. Hi Jaliya, Appreciate some places for parts my self. Seems my ke50 needs a water pump. Would like to source one. Cheers, Sampath
  3. Hi, Sadly very few updates to give .But the engine is coming along. It's been rebored, cranks done, etc. Now its a matter of putting it together, testing it. But hte mechanic is busy putting together another engine, so mine is next in line. I still need to find the brake upgrade. Was promised one, but it never materialized. -Sampath
  4. I used to use fuelly. But gave up as it didnt have a mobile app. And it didnt have a maintenance recording feature. Thinking of whipping something up. Hope some of you guys would get on board to use it when I do. Will keep you all posted. Cheers!
  5. Hi Guys, Just wanted to know if any of you guys use any online apps/tools to track fuel and mileage on your vehicle running. Sort of a vehicle running chart that keeps track of fuel you pumped, mileage, services, repairs (or any part of these). Cheers, Sampath
  6. Im answering this because I have a sportage and also in my extended family there a a few Korean SUVs. Let me start of by saying that I bought the Sportage at that time because it was the cheapest brand new SUV in the market. It has been 100% reliable, no breakdowns. The only maintenance that I had to do was to replace something in the AC (which was done FOC as under warranty), replaced the key because the robber over the switch got cracked (again FOC under warranty) and replaced the brakepad at around 22000 km's. Its a nice and easy to drive SUV with plenty of leg and head room, decent lugg
  7. On the hunt for pistons and rings. Seems they are not as freely available as I thought. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. Thought of going with Ajtih itself. He has a garage in Malambe which exclusively does tinkering. Actually he has taken the car there last night. Hoping to take him and go around tuesday. Willing to give him a try. As right now I dont have much options. He showed me a the rust. It's in pretty bad state. There was no way I could have driven around with that rust. What to do machang. All in the name of learning a lesson.
  9. Spent some time at the garage yesterday. ANd because I was there, we got around to dismantling my new engine. Took everything apart. So on Monday it will go to Lal & Nihal and also we will source new parts depending on the recommendation. Monday will be the day we will decide if we bore and put int over sized pistons or if we put in sleeves and use the same sized pistons. And hopefully be the end of the week the engine will go in the car. I can see this month draining my bank account dry with both projects starting to move forward. And to make matters worse its school holidays.
  10. I little bit of an update. The car seems more rusted than I thought. So plans changed (dont they always). Seems getting the rust out of the day is the first order of the day.
  11. Saw this beauty being driven around in Attidiya area yesterday around midday. Had a doctor pass on the front. Figured it was you.
  12. If you dont mind me asking Charith, how much did the HID conversion cost?
  13. sampathd

    Brake Pads

    I think the 20K range is normal. I recently changed brake pads on my Sportage at 22K km's. Mine is an auto.
  14. One thing I wanted to ask you guys, I am thinking of an engine swap on this one. I dont want to go for a newer one like the 4AGE, prefer something more sedate. What is a good engine that will slide in nicely without major mods? Currently it has a 3K motor. I think the safest is a 4K or a 5K. Want to have a carb engine to keep with the period of the car. But prefer something with larger displacement, maybe a 1500. Currently its a 1200. Any pointers? Any places that I should go and see to find an engine?
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