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  1. I know there is no harm in using Mobil 0W20, as 0W20 is recommended by the manufacture. But even though brand unrelates to the power, viscosity of the oil has a relationship with engine torque and power, as well as the fuel efficiency. What I said was previously used Mobil 0W20 oil is maximise the fuel efficiency but not the performance. If you still think there is no relationship between viscosity of the oil and engine performance, please google it and see. There are plenty of papers written on it. In Toyota Lanka they barely use 0W20 unless you request, normally they use 5W30 or something, (In my case I don't exactly know which viscosity grade they put in 1st service as I sent the vehicle with someone else.) In 2nd service, I used 0W20 Mobil. So I am comparing those 2 scenarios and my point is "Mobil 0W20 Advanced Fuel Economy" printed oil produce less engine power compared to Toyota Oil.
  2. Thanks for the link, Manual of Non Hybrid (T32) japanese manual suggests same 0W20. So, seems it is irrespective of Hybrid or Non Hybrid. Furthermore in US for Nissan Rogue they recommend 0W20 for gasoline engine. So, wonder why they recommend 5W30 in Thailand for same engine.
  3. Are you sure about this? oW20, I do not have japanese manual. Therefore I downloaded English manual from Nissan Thailand website, https://en.nissan.co.th/content/dam/Nissan/th/owners/OM_HEV_EN.pdf There in page 9-2 it says "Nissan Motor Oil 5W30 is the best choice" Furthermore, in page 9-3 it says 0W20 also can be used. But I just checked the Japanese manual and it recommends 0W20 for same engine,
  4. Reason is pretty straight fwd, reduction of pulling power and I used Mobil1 0W20 (Advanced Fuel Economy Product which was only available at the shop) It doesn't matter whether Aqua is an under power vehicle or not, as I'm just talking about the pulling power reduction after the service and I don't want that to happen to my X-trail. Mobil1 0W20 oil has many varieties, some of them are optimise for performance while some of them are optimise for fuel economy. But the problem in local market is only certain products are available, not the wide range they produced.
  5. I used Mobil (0W20 Fully Synthetic) once before for my Toyota Aqua and feel it is even worse than the toyota motor oil. So, this time i feel like trying Castrol (EDGE TITANIUM FST 0W30) for X-trail. In owner's manual it recommends 5W30 and using 0W30 won't make any harm if i'm not mistaken right? 0W40 will be too thick for new engine, I suppose,
  6. Its Nissan X-trail Hybrid, MR20DD Engine and came to know that manufacture recommends 5W30 grade oil.
  7. I want to use Castrol 0W20 or 5W20 fully synthetic oil for my vehicle, But it is very hard to find in local service stations. Do you guys know place where can I buy Castrol 0W20 engine oil in Colombo or Kandy? Thanks in advance.. ................................ PS. Eventually came to know that manufacturer recommends 5W30 grade oil for MR20DD engine, So, no longer need to worry about finding 0W20.
  8. In my case, I import it directly from japan, not been involving with lk car sales,
  9. Problem in X-trail is, both meter panel clock and head unit clock is coupled.
  10. I recently bought Nissan X-trail HNT32 (2015) model. It came equipped with factory fitted Nissan built head unit (Nissan Connect system) along with SD card. But it shows japanese time and only option available in clock adjustment is to adjust "Daylight Saving". In some UK forums I saw that clock mode needs to be changed to manual from auto in order to get the full adjustment. But in my system I still couldn't locate the area to change clock mode. (I suspect whether it is available or Not,) Is there anybody who did this adjustment to the vehicle? If so, Please give me a little guidance.
  11. My FB15 came with 185/65R14 Falken tires which had fitted by previous owner. Recently I replaced two tires(front) and I put 185/70/R14 Toyo (Jap) brand tires. Now my speedometer reading is bit lesser than previous as obviously it should. As per the calculation it is nearly 3% decrease from previous. But what I want to know is how much it is different from the original value i.e. what I want to know is the original tire size it came from the factory.. Also is it ok to go with 185/70R14 slightly higher profile tyre ? What are the disadvantages or the advantages of this move.. But guys this is the first time I am experiencing Toyo tires. Its quite smoother than all other tires I have experienced with..
  12. My FB15 has some AC Noise issue. For me it not like AC belt slipping noice. when I am inside the vehicle I hear some annoying noise through the AC Vents which increases with the speed of fan. Simply the AC system is bit noisy. Anybody here have experienced such a issue? Regards !!
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