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  1. Looks like I need to get this to a TL tech and get it sorted. Thanks iRage 🙂
  2. Hi everyone! I keep getting a warning light which only comes up after 10-20 seconds when I turn on head lights. As far as google says this is shown when there is some error with either lights. But every light including headlight (low/high beams) or any other signal, parking and fog lights seem to work just fine. Any idea on this? Thank you 🙂
  3. Checked that out too. Good car that is. Sure. But assembled in India part doesn't go well with my dad. Also we checked out a Perodua Axia. It's the next on list right now.
  4. I had already seen the video, the issue is they review with the experience with nicer cars, which my family can't afford in SL economy. Those little stuff don't matter to my parents. They won't autocross and speed I suppose. But for most parts video seemed correct. Engine was noisy. It's just there is no other car around that price point anymore. Anyone have used one of these? I need to know about spare parts availability and if this will be happy on 92 petrol?
  5. Hello! My parents are going to buy a small car and we went on a little hunt for cars. After seeing lots of Vitz and Swift RS ( non hybrid ) which felt way over priced for what they offer we found this little car for a okayish amount (3.2M). So far we have got few questions about this. Please help us to figure out what to do. 1) Availability of spare parts? 2) Accepted fuel type? Only 95 or will it be happy on 92? 3) Any other quirks about this car? 4) Are there any other japanese cars around this amount which is not a Mira or a wagon R variant? Thank you very much
  6. 1) Carburator clean up was done about 3 months ago. Not sure how good it was considering a local makabas did it which I have no idea how good his work is. Spark plugs i dont have any idea.. Distributor replaced last year afaik. Air filter changed last month. 2) Will do tonight and post. Any good place I should take this car to a checkup? I have no knowledge on these stuff and it's only a month I got this off from father. Since his care for this car was not very much I would like to check everything and get everything sorted out before using it. Apart from that shocks are bad to
  7. It not the AC compressor I think. Because even I turn off AC around 100kmph without AC this engine makes a huge roar. What's the reason for thicker engine oil? I don't have much knowledge in these stuff.
  8. Hello good people! We have a 1982 KE-72 wagon which have two main issues. 1) In first and second gears engine gets slowed with A/C on. This happens only with A/C powered on. Without A/C it works perfectly. And only in 1st and 2nd gears this slowness appears. In 3rd and 4th gears engine runs smoothly. This slowness wasn't there before. It was running okay even though it felt under powered with A/C. 2) In 4th gear around 80kmph engine makes a huge noise. That with A/C too. Without A/C doing around 100kmph is okayish but after that again that huge noise comes. I honestly was afraid if t
  9. @ Jaliya - Yes engine bay plate says Ke72V @ Komisiripala - Sir your Datto 510 makes my heart flutter everytime!
  10. @ Jaliya48 - Chrome handles were there.. Everything is in stock specs other than the 13inch wheels. what do you mean by " identification plate says on the firewall" ?? You mean the number plate or that plate on engine bay? Sorry im very noob when it comes to car stuff. If you are asking about number plate. Its 17-9425.. I just masked it just because most of people do it @ iRage - Yes it's a 1982 DX.. No there's no center console in front of gear lever.. only a tray thing some inches above in dash.. Oh god I hate chromes in this car.. Actually forced my father to paint it in black when he gi
  11. @ iRage -> Thank you No it wasn't lime green. It was Silver color when it was imported to SL as father said. Yeah painted chrome bumpers with black and that black paint is getting weird now
  12. Wow nice car dude.. Thumbs up for your work.. We do have a same like car at home which is rarely used... It's bit different though.. 1982 KE72.. Best of luck with your next aims with your car Well this is our old KE72.. I'm new to this forum.. so showing you a pic like this in a another one's thread a bad thing.. I'll remove.. I just wanted to show awesome this old cars are...
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