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  1. I hope you haven't purchased the tyres yet. Work was really at its peak. I bought two Nankang tyres of the same size 185/65/R14. Most places have the basic RX 668 tyre made in China. I bought mine from Neat Tyres, situated at New Hunupitiya Road, Wattala. Got the Taiwan made tyre and got RX 615 Tyres. Apparently Taiwan is better than China according to the Tyre dealer. Also rather than promoting Bridgestone or Dunlop (they were available with him) he always was of the view that Nankang for the price is a great buy. Still Bridgestone and Dunlop were more expensive as well. Got a tyre for the pr
  2. Did some more research. Read the thread again on tyre prices. There was a recommended place by a member "Neat Tyres and Alloy Wheels". The place was described as giving relatively cheap prices. I checked on Malay Street and they quoted 11.6k for a bridgestone Indonesian. Whereas Neat quoted 9950, which was the best price so far that I got for a bridgestone. Also for a Nang Kang the quote was 8k a tyre. Thought the price was not bad at all. How is Nang Kang? Any personal experiences? One of my friends is a real fan of Nang Kang tyres. He says that they are great and has never switched brands fo
  3. If I may ask who is the dealer? My front tyres are at it's last stages I am thinking of replacing them with 185/70/R14 tyres. Already got some quotes. Ravindra Lanka Auto Service on Hill Street, Dehiwela quoted the following for the aforementioned size. Maxxis - 10,250/= ( he said he is giving a 40,000 Km warranty) Hifly (Chinese) - 7900/= GT - 9700 (both a 35,000 Km warranty)
  4. 1. The problem with the Vezel as a vehicle is not within my expertise to comment on, but the people who drive them are really a class of their own. They seem to think that they are very special especially the vezels with the gold plated Honda sign. They look at you as if "My Vezel is better than all the others as 50 cent has personally fu**ed it". I do not know whether the feeling is mutual. 2. OP starts the thread to have a conversation as to why Vezels are bad when he owns one. If the thread was started before the purchase one could understand. I do not know whether the OP is having second
  5. HNB the premium rates were the lowest at the point I got my insurance. Got a 1.6 million full cover for a first year premium of Rs.28,000. Thankfully haven't had an accident though to talk about claims and related issues. The second year premium was about Rs.26,000 without the no claim bonus.
  6. According to the positive feedback on the seller it seems genuine, but why take the risk. You can easily buy this product here for around 3k. Furthermore, you would not know what the customs duties would be like and although it says shipping is free you would not get the product until next year.
  7. Well if you have two payments in close proximity for the same value can't you talk to the bank and sort it out? Such mistakes happen all the time. Also if you have a credit card with s.m.s. alerts you will be notified instantaniously. I normally pump petrol by cash at hand. Some of the Petrol Pump operators who are waiting for a chance to cheat you wants to hurry the process and the best thing is to get out of the car and look at your wallet to give the impression that you are making a decision as to how much of petrol you are going to put in. In the meantime you can position your self in fron
  8. Forgive me if I antagonized you. Funny and amusing maybe the wrong words to use in hindsight. I think maybe the correct phrase to use is that it is "ironic". For example a lawyer having law suits against him, an architect's house falling down etc. It is a primitive way of thinking I know. Again forgive me :-). Anyhow coming back to the material question. Don't you think doing the tinkering in the paint booth is a duplication of work. Ultimately your collecting dust particles at the place you least want them. I have seen some of the steps that people take to keep the the paint booths free of du
  9. Just a question for knowledge sake. Why are you doing the tinkering at the Paint booth. Aren't the dust particles going to hurt the quality of the paint.Well on a more amusing note don't you think that it is kind of funny and amusing when a doctor fractures his thumb?
  10. I do not understand fully your words. I am thinking that your reply should be amended as follows. By the way punctuation is everything. "Partial braking, its obvious that we do have to press the clutch when applying brakes fully" I am no expert so let us see what the experts say. Still my two cents are that when your partial breaking you do not have to press the clutch. The more you press the clutch the parts associated with the clutch are worn out. Such as the clutch pedal, bearings and most importantly the clutch plates.
  11. Are we talking about partial braking or applying the brakes fully so that the vehicle will come to a standstill position?
  12. 20K is a very high, price. Nothing to do if you have bought the tyres now. SK Munas*nghe has advertised the tyre for 11,400/=. Also Mot*rhead has advertised it for Rs. 9,690/=. If your buying all four tyres might have been able to get a further discount on the advertised price as well.
  13. Good choice not doing anything. It is the most difficult thing to drive on our roads without at least minor accidents occurring. Good fortune plays a great part in keeping your vehicle accident free. Maybe you could wait for a bit, accumulate some of the minor dings and scratches and do a thorough touch up thereafter for all of them and maybe even contribute to your father monetarily at that point. I think he will be grateful. As for now it is going to be "KOTU PAARA"..
  14. Entertaining thread after a quite a while. Nissan cdj I can imagine you sneaking in the dead of the night with a Toa spray and a pack of cigarettes and getting caught red handed. Mate, um don't take this personally, but umbha Banum ahannama one kind eka, naththan hadenne naa. I can't seem to find the link now but I can verily remember that there are more than a thousand shades of silver in relation to car paints and it is highly doubtful that the generic metallic silver Toa spray will suit your purpose and my gut feeling is that it will ruin your car further. First thing is to get the paint c
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