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  1. Car Model: TOYOTA Corolla 110 Friends, There's a "Kara Kara" sound coming from the silencer in low RPM. Please suggest me a good place to do a silencer repair. Is it possible to find genuine silencer in Colombo? How about the cost?
  2. The original number plate which issued from RMV has lost. How can I take a new number plate from RMV? Please advice me.
  3. Car model: TOYOTA corolla AE110 Manufactured Year:1998 Current Color: Beige Color Condition: Some areas corroded and faded I am going to do a full paint for my vehicle. I would like like change the color to PURE WHITE. What is the procedure to do this job? What are the legal issues? Will it be a problem for insurance? Please advise me. Thanks.
  4. How RPM change with Engine heat? (Petrol)
  5. Instructions 1 Locate the vacuum switching valve. It has three vacuum hoses and a two-wire electrical connector attached to it. On four-cylinder engines, the VSV is located on the rear of the engine below the intake manifold. On six-cylinder engines, the VSV is under the V-Bank cover (a plate with fins), which must be unbolted using an Allen wrench, and then removed by lifting it off its retaining clips. The VSV is next to the intake manifold. 2 Check the resistance. Remove the electrical connector from the VSV and check the resistance across the terminals using an ohmmeter. The resistance should be 33 to 39 ohms (at an air temperature of 68 degrees). Resistance outside this range indicates that the VSV is bad. 3 Continuity test. Verify, using the ohmmeter, that there is no continuity between either VSV terminal and an electrical ground on the engine. Any continuity at either terminal indicates the VSV is bad. 4 Blow test. Remove the vacuum hoses from ports E and G. Blow air into port E and check that it comes out at port G. If it does not, the VSV is bad. 5 Apply voltage and blow air. Apply battery voltage across the VSV terminals using wires from the battery terminals. Blow air into port E and see if it comes out of port F. If it does not, the VSV is bad. Tips & Warnings For the four-cylinder engine, it may be necessary to raise the front of the vehicle and place it on jackstands to obtain access to the VSV. The VSV on the six-cylinder engine can be tested either on the engine or removed. If you remove the VSV, be sure to mark the vacuum hoses and ports before disconnecting them. Do not depend on a jack to support the front of the vehicle
  6. I disconnected the hose from VSV and closed the hose end by finger; when I released the finger from hose end, idle RPM increased. when I closed the hose again, Idle RPM dropped to normal. Then I fixed the hose again. After that I disconnected 2 wire connector from VSV. But there was no any change, I thought the VSV not functioning properly. Edit: Please tell me how to check VSV? (I have a multimeter also)
  7. Thanks friend, I will check it and get back to you.
  8. I opened fuel cap and listened the noise of air sucked in to the tank. It means there is no vacuum leak?
  9. This car doesn't have a RPM meter. So I cannot read exact value. But I assume it by engine sound. When in cold start engine sound is high and rough. But after heated up the engine the sound is so smooth. I drive from Kadawtaha to Bambalapitiya daily, When I reach to Borella, the engine sound is very very low, then it's start shake in very low speeds (mostly in idle). I have to reverse the car at Bambalapitiya office car park, when I reverse the car (without accelerating) the engine hardly shakes. I noted mostly this happen when I drive in traffic jam. Recently I have changed engine oil, ATF and power steering fluid. Spark plugs, PCV valve and all belts also new. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks.
  10. I did EFI tuneup 3 months ago. No change in RPM when turn on or off the AC.
  11. My AE110 car has a problem, After drives about 15km in city area, RPM is going low. The engine also starts shake when in idle. I switched off AC, but no change. What is this issue? Help me. Solved: I replaced genuine engine mounts. Now the car runs smoothly
  12. The vibration happen when engine hot. How to to check downshift sensor? Where located it? How about the cost? Help!
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