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  1. @ajm No I haven't tried the mortein cubes. I have tried using "Kapuru bola" in car cabin. it works somewhat. The rats don't come into the cabin. But they do get into the AC filter. I have also tried using citronella oil and cinnamon oil soaked cotton wool swabs placed around the engine compartment. Rats do not come there now. The problem is they get into the AC filter. how to stop that?? That was why I asked about the mesh.
  2. @Quiet Many Thanks for the reply. Will definitely try it. Hope its readily available. Anyone have any idea about the mesh thing???
  3. Hi all, Our car is a Aqua 2015 model. have been having issues with rats. They have come into the AC filter area and also the engine comartment. Does anybody know of a way to prevent this?? I asked from Toy#ta L#nka. They say they install a wire mesh after removing the entire dashboard which prevents rats coming inside the car. it supposedly costs around 46,000 rupees. Has anyone done this?? what are the pros and cons of getting this done. I mean will rust set in if they weld it?? or will the mesh cause any blockages. I am no expert in cars. If anyone can give me some information I will be very gratefull. Many thanks.......
  4. Hi Don, Thanks for the reply and for the trouble starting a new thread. (I wondered where all the comments had gone ) About the contact's cleaning , When we re-installed the wire harness we cleaned all the contacts (though not with contact cleaner) and also repaired damaged wires to the best of our ability. Will check the connector's again. Signal stalk, Will check. But I think it is fine. Because when check with multimeter the current passes on from it but it doesn't reach the end point. But I haven't thought about checking this so will do it. Starter motor, Will check it out Thanks again!!!!!
  5. Thanks all for your replies. @Don, Thanks for the suggestion. My father took the vehicle to "Pala" sometime back. But the issue's were not resolved and they too tried to patch it up without fixing it. Really fed up with these maka bass fellows, so am looking to get it properly fixed once and for all and that's why I asked about D*MO. I tried to find the wire harness from the internet and still searching but couldn't yet find one. I love the car and also it's also quite good. Never failed us on long journey's and last year it did 16-18 km per liter (without AC) on outstation trips even with issues. So trying to get it back to a better condition @aps, Thanks for the advice. The issue's are several. 1.Mid way last year the "dim" in the head light's started malfunctioning. When going over a rough patch the "dim" light would suddenly go out for several minutes until another rough patch comes and starts to work again. All the while the "head" continued to work. Took the car to several places but no one fixed it. 2.Has a problem with the starting. Sometimes the starter motor doesn't "disengage". Meaning it continuously pulls in the current from the battery and the car is like "wheezing". If do not disconnect the battery wire immediately it heats up and once burnt the starter motor. Also never resolved. Late last year the car developed some engine oil leaks and due to some corrosion's decided to repair the car at home. Stripped everything from the car, tinkered and painted. The engine was also overhauled. (The only thing's that were not dismantled were the differential and gear box. also the camm shaft wasn't removed). And also re-connected the wire's as it was before dismantling. All these were done by my father who is a mechanical engineer with me helping. But unfortunately my father does not know about the electrical stuff. Hence the problem. The issues we now have are, 1. The starting problem is still there. When trying to start can hear the engine working smoothly. 2. The car's left sided front light's are not working (head light's and signal light) It's been nearly 2 months since finishing the mechanical part. We called in several auto electrician's but all have failed to repair it. Quite frustrating. They all try attaching wire's here and there and hope for the best. The wire harness has now become very messed up bcoz there maka bass jobs. @aps - I know about the fuse box you are referring to. And yes there was a water leak near there and it may be affected. But these maka bass fellows don't know how to check the fuse's and relay's. (once one fellow put in a piece of "Kambia" in place of a fuse). But I suspect they are all fine and the problem lies in the wiring.
  6. Thanks for the reply "Don". Yeah I guessed it might be expensive. But wouldn't it be worth the hassle. I have extremely bad experience with repairs. My car a Toyota ke 72 has some electrical problems. I'm no expert but I believe it's due to faulty wiring. I have taken the car to several places and person's to get it fixed but is yet to be successfully repaired. Have spent more than 20,000 rupees in trying to get the fault's fixed. So rather than spending around 1000 rupees over and over again and yet to get the job done won't it be a good idea to go to a place that can definitely fix the issues even though costly????
  7. How is D*MO's bosch service center??? They advertise as doing engine & electrical repair's.
  8. Hi Sampath, Great work done by you. must have been some effort. And also to other's who have posted here. Does anyone have a downloadable copy of a service manual for "Toyota corolla ke 72" please. Specially interested in the wiring (electrical) system. Thanks!!!!
  9. Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes please, if possible post the diagram. we have taken out almost the whole engine and has taken it apart. Going to clean it and put it back together. @ home. There's some corrosion behind the dash and the front floor panel's due to a water leak for a long time. So trying to get it repaired too. And the reason I want the electrical wiring is our car's wiring is completely messed up bcoz of various electrical repair guys have put in wire's here and there it's difficult to find out which is which. By the way how's your car's fuel consumption? Ours does about 10-12 km per liter in colombo (without AC) and nearly 18 km per liter in the southern expressway (without AC).
  10. Hi, Nice to see you taking care of the ke 72 jaliya. I wanted ask you, do you have the service manual for ke 72 bro???? We also have a ke 72 which is undergoing repairs now. 1984 , 14 sri. Specially the electrical wiring is a bit problamatic. Thanks...
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