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  1. සංයමයෙන් ප්‍රස්තූතයට අදාලව උදවු මත පලකල අයට මෙන්ම අශ්ලීලත්වයේ පතුලට කිමිද මඩනාගත් අයටද එක සේ තුති පුදමි. Finally found a solution - to get down the main CPU unit from a 2015 model parts store in UK. There was another suggestion to fix it locally, but navigation and reverse cam guide lines will not work. Will need to fix those options as a separate unit.
  2. Are you really a watchman ??? You have to stand up to your name at least. Re-read my comments and try to comprehend what I am trying to convey. The research methodology only enable us to organize our efforts into one cohesive and conceptual idea generation. What I am doing here is kinda brainstorming the auto society. Final stage is the trial and error. The statutory regulation stands as the consumer protective framework at the trial and error stage of the decision making process. Finally, learn to use your vocabulary more professionally, if you want to be a positive contributor in distant brainstorming.
  3. Firstly I was speaking only of my issue - the regulatory framework should be much broader and has many aspects. Consumer rationality has its limits and boundaries. Beyond that it is the regulatory framework that works. The regulation should take place in two ways - one the capital drainage secondly the consumer protection aspect. I have met a reputed car seller (more than 30 years in business) trying to convince me to buy from them and fix the set up locally and and assured that will work exactly like the original. I have no reason to doubt him because I have used my car permits 4 times with him when I was working in SL. I declined to buy from him, since I have noticed same issue when I bought my Premio 2 years back. The premio that came before had the original set up with navigation, but what came later was to cater to the permit price. I have a friend who was shown a BN Vezel but was delivered a used unregistered one with altered KM reading in the same color same grade and options. He was a powerful man, highly connected to the authorities and matter was resolved immediately. What if the case was with a one of the general public. He may have to waste his time & money with a court case - (like the one that our Sprinter Queen Susanthika had to go through some time back) The industry is Purposely cheating and consumers are left high and dry in many cases in individual buying. Even the JAAI number is hidden from the customer - why same is not public information. Why this can not be part of the regulations !!!!
  4. We have already done this part, I am talking about the main system display ( it comes with the radio - set up and reverse cam display). In this vehicle it works as the main system, so can not be replaced. I bought a Vezela and the Nissan - Extremer together. They both are good vehicles and the Vezel does not have this problem, cos the system display can be replaced. On a different note - Before buying I went to the agents - they do not keep stocks and wanted 2 months to import. Besides the X-Trail comes without the original setup due to the cost factor. I have seen this vehicle in Brussels and and checked with them - they say if you give the model and the engine / chaisis number the company will only send the same setup. Without analyzing the facts, some idiots have rejected my idea of consumer protection regulatory frame work for the industry - can these guys reason out - against a rule - "no auto imports, if the operating system is not in English" - lol....
  5. Thanks for all your positive / negative comments. Bottom line is that in the auto industry, consumer protection laws are non-existent. Buyers are on their own and at the mercy of the seller. Some authority should regulate that - all autos imported to SL should have the operating installations in English. It is not like old days, all operating setups are electronic. Only basic driving is possible. Unless we exactly understand what the system says - we are in trouble. Ex - sometimes the vehicle does not go to the Eco mode - system says something in Japanese (female voice) - Same thing with auto parking.
  6. Recently I bought a X-Trail Hybrid extremer, with top of the range options. The issue is - the display is in Japanese. My family has checked with almost all relevant places in SL (including agents), but did not find a solution. Highly appreciate, if the Auto Lanka members could shed some light on a possible solution.
  7. Sorry for the delay. I finally bought a Honda Vezel for my daughter from Ind... Traders. Same time, we also wanted to have a soft 4x4 for the family and decided on Nisan X-trail extremer. I did not have the opportunity to test any of them, but they are happy with the buy. Both of them have a lot of options, hence electronic side is a bit scary. Any way we all have to live with hybrids now. Should say that the buying experience was very interesting and valuable. I was visiting all major car sellers / agents for about two weeks. Truth of the matter is that all most all the car sellers mislead you, unless you are defiant and rational in your search. Thanks all for your advices.
  8. Had to stop car search and do some travelling around. This is my final week of leave. Will buy within next 2 - 3 days.
  9. Wish all Christians... a happy Christmas and for all - may all your auto dreams come true in the new year.......!
  10. Thanks. Will check Subaru next week. CX-3 is small and the other one is bulky.
  11. Some say that the Vezel has some software problems and needs some expensive repair at 30 - 40000 km range. Any clue...
  12. Definitely I am going to see Mazda. But there is an elderly guy at Colonial - half drunken like. He tries to show off some aggressive selling skills, but ineffective.
  13. sathyajithj99I am planning stretching the budget a bit. Not exactly Vezels. I am still looking for something similar to that. Specially non hybrid. Will start with leading agents tomorrow. The govt has not gazetted the budget proposals yet. May be more amendments will come in the coming week.
  14. I am in Sri Lanka now and will be deciding in the next 10 days. May be a 6.5m is too small a budget in the current market. Currently we are discussing selling one family car - most probably 2014 Premio and negotiate to buy two Vezels or two similar cars from the same seller. Hope fully we will get a better price for two cars.
  15. Thanks and it is a good range to consider. I think Mazda CX5 is good choice. Need to check whether it will be within the budget. By the way - is there any professional reason why Vezel is hated by many. Isn't it a good vehicle for a lady for daily use. And why so many little used Vezels are on sale in less than 2 years of use.
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