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  1. Hi, When we installed the new sensor, it got worse. Previously, when we increase the RPM, MAP sensor didn't increase it's voltage reading. The new one does. But the emission test's high rpm show increased CO count compared to previous values. We have done tune-up, plug replacement etc. So the previous sensor is wrong one for the engine? Can anyone share a image of throttle body of a EK3 D15b. Thanks
  2. It cost 2500LKR The shop display board is attached here.
  3. Got a matching one from NIN Wijerama
  4. Hi, @Rumesh88 Yes I have mixed-up the language. Thank you for explain the sensor vendor part. Will check these site Thanks you again!
  5. My Honda Civic Ek3 car failed emissions test due to response failure of MAP sensor. Electrician found the issue after inspecting. With the RPM MAP sensor want change its resistance. Need to replace it. Can I know a place to find it? I think it has a replaced sensor. Its not Honda. But Denso. I found the blue colour one in delkanda. Will it match ?
  6. Hi, As far as I know, the break system is a closed system. There is liquid inside the system. So when the engine is stopped, if there is no air in the system, can the paddle go down? I guess in this situation there may be air in the break lines. If not there may be loose parts in the system which cant bear the pressure. Simply break washers. WDYT?
  7. Here the main problem was rubber layer getting damage. Ek3 had two type of pullies. One with the metal strip in the middle of two big pullies and without a one. Our one which is a JDM EK3 has a one with metal strip. Found a one from a guy who had a extra one via a facebook group. Stafford motors doesn't had this.
  8. The Crank Pully of our Honda Civic EK3 car is broken. Photos are attached. The engine is D15B Vtec. I tried to find it in evry possible place in Pachikawatta. Tech motors, Access motors, Weliwatta etc. But failed. Is there a place to get this? Also is there a place to purchase a good engine replacement for this. Thanks! Andun
  9. Is it possible to setup an external RPM gauge for diesel vehicles which dont have a inbuilt rpm meter? If so where to buy one locally?
  10. Hi, There was a irregular wear in the wheel. This new photo shows that. Also I have uploaded a photo of a good one. My mechanic says it will effect in unnecessary wear in new timing belt and will increase the risk of breaking suddenly. Thus wanted to replace. We found one in Panchikawatta for 3500 LKR. Thanks!
  11. Found locally for 450 LKR in Anura Advertising Panniptiya!
  12. Did the replacement. To replace gaskets and water jackets it cost me around 15k!
  13. This was a failed attempt. Fixed by installing a 5' display replacing the middle GPS system.
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