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  1. Hi thank you for the reply. Car is in good running condition I didn't notice any suspicious thing. But it has only last 2-3 years service history. Anyway i'm hoping to take it for a tune up.
  2. Hi, I recently bought a Vitz 2001 ( U Grade ) and shes about to hit her 100k soon. So thought of changing the timing belt and I did check prices from spare parts shops. Almost every shop said vitz 2001 cars has a timing chain instead of timing belt. It's a bit relief to hear but I need to be confirmed. Does anybody know about this ? And do you know any reliable mechanic around Nugegoda, Ethul Kotte area to done this kind of work ? Edit : And what are the other parts that need to be checked in 100k mileage? Model : SCP 10 Engine : 1SZ-FE VVTI Thanks in advance.
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