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  1. it is surprising the way price goes down of this car. and thats one of the sign of clue about car's attributes. i guess this suzuku wagon R is ideal for city taxi services. by the way, Indian Alto's are still holding the market share in srilanka. thanks everyone for your valuble inputs. i badly chased with car dealers for best price to purchase this car but finally change my mind to go for Old Allion 240, 121 or Honda GP1 or GP2.
  2. thanks all, lets wait for more feedback from users.
  3. Hi Folks, I am very happy to post my very first query here in AL forum. in breif, i am a toyota fan since i was born, but last week i saw a suzuki wagon R japanese car and really felt love with that. As a brand new japanese machine which comes with hybrid system i feel like to buy rather than buying indian craps. currently wagon R FZ model selling around 2.6mil. i myself inspect the car and found leg space is quite enough. however, i though to ask any good or bad issues regarding this car if anyone knows well. your inputs are really appreciated.
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