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  1. This mean each and every Gp1 need to be undergone with this sludge removal? Even the not affected chassis no range?
  2. OK guys thanks for sharing the experience. I'll sleep on it.
  3. Hello guys, I need your valuable comments regarding Honda Gp1 hybrid car. Im currently having a swift jeep. I'm trying for an upgrade. I want to know little more information of this car. Please comment on below 1. Is it full hybrid (what is the rough fuel economy) 2. How is the resale market. 3. How is the life of hybrid battery of this car 4. Any common issues which are known for this car. 5. Ground clearance compared to swift jeep. Thank you in advance ?
  4. Hi Kmeeg, I am using android and I tried around 20 apps which can be found on the internet. Both cracked and free versions. ECU connection was established for none. One more thing I tried with a Nissan cefiro 2000 same issue is there. Note that this scanner is called elm 327 ver 2.1. thanks.
  5. thanks davy. by the way guys please comment if anybody ever tried this with a swift.
  6. I can quote for that, my swift does 15 -16 km/L out station and traffic of course 10kmpL. anyway the figures can be changed drastically as per the way you drive.
  7. Hi all, This is regarding the bluetooth ODB II scanner tool ELM 327. I purchased on Ebay and tried with android app. but cant access to the ECU. my car is suzuki swift 2003 HT51s. have you ever tried this please let me know? thanks.
  8. Hi , I have noticed some rough riding( not engine related) in my car. It is clearly noticed when driving slowly in a well carpet road. This happened after I have done a rack repair along with replacing front wheel bearings. Mechanic said one side drive axle also worn out. What would be the cause ??. During the last repair changed rack bush ,rack ends, knuckle bushes, wheel bearings, lower arms. even if the axle was faulty did not changed as it is not yet in worst situation. Car_swift 2003 jeep
  9. Thanks for the reply there's no kata kata sound as you mentioned ?
  10. Hi Guys, How are you all. car-swift HT51s I recently noticed a ticking sound only while accelerating from 0 km/h and taking a slow turn (like a u turn). I check with a mechanic and he said the problem is the axle (might be a worn out cv). Do I need to replace the whole front axle for this? or can I only replace the relevant CV joint. What is the reasonable way to fix this? thanks.
  11. I got the issue fixed which was a leaky coil pack. there was a small hole in the coil tube. I found a used similar tube and fixed. problem goes away. thanks all for comments.
  12. yes rpm is going like 1200 or 1300 and slowly getting around 700. Now the symptom is having in each start up even closer. Is it time to do a tune up ? Meanwhile I will see the spark plugs and injectors also. Fuel filter and pump too.
  13. Hi all, I have experienced considerable missfiring in cold start of my car swift 2003. I have done engine tune up about 3000km back. Now I can feel after starting the car after day or two car is having a hesitation. In D or R the missing is heavy. In p or N that is not much. Driving bit fix the issue. I haven't done a fuel filter cleaning or anything. Please give me some direction to fix the issue in proper way. Where should I start?
  14. Hi I had the same issue (HT51s) and if u search the forum you get a good idea as well. I checked radiator for leakages and all but finally it was the fan starting temperature. So it was the thermo switch / coolant sensor. I replaced the sensor and temp gauge is steady as a rock.
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