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  1. Hi guys, I did apply some grease to the two rubber bushes where silencer hangs on.... Amazing..... Sound is gone since then & never came.. It almost two weeks now.. I took some time for confirmation.... Thank you so much for being helpful guys... If not I might spend my valuable time & money on this issue..... Thanks again... Cheers ? ?
  2. Thanks to all for the reply, with all these info,,,hopefully, I will be able to get rid of this prob,, will share the results Cheeers
  3. Hey,, NO , Never noticed it, cz sound comes and goes time to time Defa... I wil try that out,,, never thought this could be due to lack of lubrication,,, Yes I have seen those two springs cz i checked the whole exhaust pipe line for a hole n there....... How silly I am?? Thanks will let you know the upadate Thanks again
  4. Hi,, Yes indeed, there is a small vibration n my car which is inherent to 3 cylinder model, but it is very slight and not much noticeable. thanks for the tip, i'l check that on this sunday. Cheeressss!!! yeah i'l update
  5. watch out... even if you get it occasionally now,,, it'll get worse n future..that's ma story,,
  6. thanks... thanks for the kind reply... when sound comes,,, I held the silencer with a rubber slipper... then sound is not coming... What matters is, this sound is not coming all the time.. So when I meet a mechanic guy sound is not there.... But when it comes,,, it's very annoying... on the other hand don't know this will be a big issue later,,, I did all periodic maintenance properly and on time,,, even i did engine tuneup from toyota lanka wattala.. as per my knowledge, sound is not coming from engine bay.... ohhhhh moratuwa is bit too far away for me.. . I do live in kandana ...... Thanks again for being helpful...
  7. Hi,, my vehicle is toyota vitz ksp90 2010 model and i'm the second owner, ODO reading is 66848, Now im riding this little buddy since 2015 march,, had no prob since now, Prob is, Makes whistling noise (ONLY at idle) from the silencer,, sound will disappear by just touching the gas pedal. at the beginning it was slight and rarely happens, now it clearly occur when the engine is hot and travel some distance. No any sound when driving... Please help me to solve this,, what would be the prob? took it to mechanical guy at Ja ela and he said nothing to worry,,but sound is very annoying to me ( i think he couldn't figure it out) Please tell me a reliable place to get this fix.... Thanks...
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