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  1. Hello, I started this thread when I purchased my Mazda BJ5P in May last year. This forum was really helpful in getting to know the car very well and I have to say that I'm having a great experience with my Mazda by now. I've done some minor running repairs and almost all the proper maintenance except the ATF replacement. For the moment, I'm using the car only on weekends and for the last period of time I've done only around 3500 kms (odo 136000km now). Since I didn't get the maintenance records from the previous owner, I changed the engine oil/filters/Timing belt etc, and carried out all the proper maintenance and services accordingly but not the ATF. The reason was that the colour and the smell of the ATF was fine, there were no oil leakages from the gearbox and also there was no any sign of gearbox faults. I wanted to change the ATF as well but I was told at the service station that since I'm not using the car frequently and the ATF and the transmission itself was looking fine, just to use the car for some time and then change the ATF. Now I'd like to have your advice on the following. What are the locally available ATF brands and grades for this car? I've referred several AL threads saying that the recommended ATF for Mazdas is the M-V and there are no substitutes in local market. Now in my case the workshop manual says something like this: ATF type M-V or equivalent (e.g. Dexron® III). So isn't there a single possibility of getting an equivalent grade for M-V in local market for this car or else shall I have to get the original M-V oil from a Mazda dealer? I've said that there're no oil leakages from the gearbox and the transmission itself seems to be trouble free. But still I need to clarify this. When I press the accelerator smoothly while driving, I feel the gears change very smoothly. But when it comes a bit hard on the pedal or press it irregularly I can feel a little jerk in changing gears. But there are no signs of gear slipping or lacking of pulling power. When the car is started in mornings it takes around 1 second to move after engaging D or R but when it heats up there's no any delay. Are these conditions normal or is there any possibility of a fault? Thanks in advance
  2. I just got that connector from the Rainbow motors at Panchi (it was a brand new spare, the price was a bit higher though) and the issue was fixed. Thanks for the supprot.
  3. It doesn't have automatic climate control. Just the conventional climate control with manual temperature control dial. So your opinion is bypassing the heater core might help avoid future problems as well. I remember the fact that my AC technician told once that most of the used vehicles in SL are having their heaters bypassed or removed. Perhaps that might be the reason. Thanks for the comment.
  4. Thanks for the information I phoned Rainbow motors yesterday but they said that they don't have it. I'll try the other places now.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking for experts' advice on the following issue of my recently purchased Mazda Familia BJ5P. Recently I could observe a slight leakage of coolant and was found that it was form one of the hoses connecting to the heater core. When I tried to remove the hose I could find that the plastic connector of the hose end had been damaged and can no longer be used again.(The side connecting to the heater core is OK, but the part connecting to the hose is broken and remains inside the hose) Unfortunately this broken plastic connector seems to be quite difficult to find in my area(Galle), even at reconditioned spare parts outlets and most of them said that it would be very difficult to find it from normal spare part outlets. When I contacted Mazda agents, they told that the part is currently out of stock, but might be available in another 1-2 moths for around Rs.1500. Now I want to fix this issue asap and what would be the best option for me? Is there any other place where I could buy this heater hose connector? Is there a proper way of mending the broken connector and hose? I've found that bypassing the heater core might be an option, but the heater system of the car was working properly and I don't want to loose it if there's a better option. A proper solution or advice on this issue would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. Yes of course, "The Timing Belt"..!! When I purchased the car, since I couldn't have any proper maintenance record, I myself thought of replacing the timing belt asap. Anyway thanks for reminding.
  7. Thank you very much for the nice informative comments. Yes, I'd better change almost everything. It's really good to know this stuff in steering, and yeah, I'm quite new to Mazda and the previous ones were Toyota and Nissan. Anyway I'd check if there're any issues in the steering system and update. I got the idea of the Hold button and I'd better feel it myself now This is an ZL engine. Probably not an ZL-VE with variable valve timing. But still I'm confusing with this; http://protege323.com/content/24_engines/index.php ; which shows two different engines as ZL and ZL-DE I have PM my contacts to you. Thanks again.
  8. Hello everyone, I recently bought a pre-owned Mazda Familia BJ5P (YoM 2003) car. I'm a newbie to Mazda and also not much experienced in automatic drives.But I'm willing to get to know this car very well. First of all there are few things which I would like to get advice from you Mazda experts. The car has done 132000km(seems it's genuine) but the previous owner couldn't provide me with its proper service records. What would be the most appropriate services, Changing engine oil, filters, ATF etc?(The colour of ATF was quite good) The steering was a little too tight as if it was lacking power steering a bit. Wheel alignments and the power steering fluid level was OK. What might be the possible reasons for this? What is the function of the Hold button? Is it exactly the same as the OD on/off button on some other vehicles?(I could find a thread on AL on this hold button stuff, but the exact functioning of the "Hold" was not that clear to me) I got to know that this car has Mazda ZL engine. So is it ZL or ZL-DE? Is there any difference in those two?(I just found that it differs from the ZL-VE with variable valve timing) I would like to have an owner's manual and a workshop manual for this model.(I could find a 2003 Mazda Protege owner's manual but it was different in some ways, the engine was 1.6/2.0 there. Is it that Familia is the JDM and the Protege is US/European?) How could I get the exact owner's/workshop manuals for the Mazda Familia BJ5P? I would like to share the experiences and knowledge with Mazda Familia owners/experts and also willing to join with good Mazda/Familia clubs or forums if there are any. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for your responses Davy and NRX I just resolved the problem and it wasn't a refrigerant leak but an electrical issue. I could find the A/C fuse blown. It was a 10A and was replaced once and was blown again. Then the A/C relay was checked and it was OK. Then the A/C technician checked out the compressor clutch coil. The clutch coil was found to be short circuited and that was the reason. The coil was replaced and the problem was solved.
  10. Hello everyone, I would like to get an expert's view on the following issue. The car is a Nissan Sunny E-B13(1993) Up to the point, the A/C was working properly but now it has got a problem. When I checked it, I could see that the compressor clutch is not engaged when the A/C is switched on and my guess is that it might be an issue in the electrical circuit of the system. How could I find the problem exactly, and if it's an electrical issue, what are the things that have to be checked(Relays/Fuses-according to this car model)? Any of your assistance is highly appreciated. Regards.!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to the forum and looking for some experts' advice on buying a used car. My maximum budget is around 2.8-3.0m and I'm looking for a Japanese-made car, preferably a manual one. The car has to be durable enough, fairly good on fuel, comfortable and powerful enough. Also finding spares and maintenance mustn't be any problem and the car has to have a good value for money and a good resale value. I have just picked out some cars on my own choice. Toyota Yaris(Saloon) Toyota Vios Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 Nissan March(AK12-Beetle model) Suzuki Swift(Beetle model. Does Japanese Swift have a manual version??) I would like to have your expert advice on, 1) What would be the best fit car for my requirements considering the above list of choices? 2) What are the other choices that can be considered? 3) What are the pros and cons of buying a fairly new manual car(considering SL car market)? Your advice is much appreciated. Regards..!!
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