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  1. Thank you everyone. All of your replies and opinions are helpful to think in a different way.
  2. Hi All, Currently I'm using a Mazda Familia BJ5P (JDM, YOM 2000, facelifted) car as my daily office drive for nearly three years. I initially wanted to buy a FB15, but had to settled with BJ5P due to the limited budget. From the first day I fell in love with this car and in two words I can sum-up the value so far I got as "exceeding expectations". When consider the price I paid (1.7 mil in very early 2014) I'm more than satisfied with the comfort, handling/ driving pleasure, fuel economy, reliability etc. It never let me down so far - may be due to I'm doing the regular services pro
  3. Welcome to the forum. Few years back I also in the same situation. It is good to see that you have decided to go for a used Japanese car instead of buying a new Indian/ Chinese crap. A wise decision. But the key point here is finding a well maintained car. All cars you mentioned are really good cars and proven. In my opinion (and little experience) N16 is not that good with petrol and less comfy compare with others. 110 is a great car but these days highly overpriced. With 2.1 mil you may find a 1997 one most probably with a mileage above 150,000 km. So IMO it will be BJ
  4. Update: I went to a repair shop in front of Savoy Wellawatta. They checked the phone and said there is a power short and battery replacement may not solve the problem. Anyway they will not simply replace the batteries if there is a short. To fix the power short problem it may take few days.
  5. No restrictions I think.... Forum under Home > Other > .....
  6. Hi, I got a serious battery issue with my iPhone 5S. This is now almost 3 years old. Since few months battery was draining very fast even during standby time. Few times I diagnosed this from shops and all said there is nothing wrong. But there is something wrong and software updates did not fix it. Currently it is on iOS 8.1.1 and I cannot update to latest iOS because the phone has very limited memory available, most probably it will not fix this issue (as usual) and anyway I don't want those fancy upgraded features. Now got a new problem - a real headache. When battery level is redu
  7. Thanks all for your quick replies. When I'm coming back from the office it was ok. None of the warning lights were indicating on the dashboard. Also I tested the brakes few time by applying sudden heavy presses on the brake paddle. Seems it was ok. This is quite wired. May be some dust or dirt on ABS sensor. (Btw, there were some several road construction works on my way to office) Anyway I will keep eyes on this and update in case any changes. Thank you again for useful quick replies.
  8. I'm using a Mazda Familia BJ5P year 2000 model (daily office drive in Colombo). I'm using this car for 3 years and serviced/ maintained properly and serving me as a reliable, rock solid way so far. Next service is due in 200 kms. Few weeks ago it indicated the hand brake warning (!) on the dashboard. The oil level in the brake oil container was little lowered and after filling it problem solved. No more warning signs. BUT, today (after few weeks) BOTH hand brake warning (!) and ABS warning (ABS) on the dashboard were indicating during driving (no blinking, both warning lights on dur
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