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  1. Thank you everyone. All of your replies and opinions are helpful to think in a different way.
  2. Hi All, Currently I'm using a Mazda Familia BJ5P (JDM, YOM 2000, facelifted) car as my daily office drive for nearly three years. I initially wanted to buy a FB15, but had to settled with BJ5P due to the limited budget. From the first day I fell in love with this car and in two words I can sum-up the value so far I got as "exceeding expectations". When consider the price I paid (1.7 mil in very early 2014) I'm more than satisfied with the comfort, handling/ driving pleasure, fuel economy, reliability etc. It never let me down so far - may be due to I'm doing the regular services properly and using carefully. I don't want to sell this car since at the moment I'm satisfied with it. Planned to sell it after 2 more years and odo is now reaching 120,000 km and timing belt to be replaced soon. Meanwhile now one of my office friends is suddenly selling his Belta (2008 model, 1300cc) looking for an upgrade before the coming budget. His Belta is in mint condition and he is the second owner. It is properly maintained, no accidents and carefully used, 73,000 km on odometer. He claims he can easily sell his Belta for 3.6 mil within couple of days. He would like to reduce the price around Rs. 50,000 - 60,000 for me and wait for few days if I'm willing to sell my BJ5P and buy his Belta. Also gave me a friendly advice; better to sell my current car now since it is already old, there will be a difficult time after this budget and after that finding a reliable, well maintained car is really hard and selling an old car is difficult. In my gut feeling (I'm not an expert in autos) I think this upgrade is worth for just above 3.5 mil since I know the car. My inner mind says use this opportunity, otherwise I will have a tough time later with selling my current car and hunting for a good car. I already had a test drive. What I really felt during driving is there is not much of different. Probably my current BJ5P is comfier and has better handling (may be I'm biased towards my current ride). What I understood was there is no big difference in driving pleasure/ comfort. Only thing I get is a newer car, better fuel economy and "Toyota badge" for resale in few years. Now he wants to know my decision. According to current market I think I would be able to sell my BJ5P around 1.9 mil - 2 mil. I don't want to go for a lease. I can manage this with a small personal loan and I already have a 1 mil FD in bank (this budget is not an issue, car is passed the test). I'm in a dilemma whether should I upgrade or not? When asking from other friends some says it is a waste of money if I'm upgrading without a need and some says that upgrade is worth and go for it, since it is a "Toyota" it will be like a FD (I'm not a fan of Toyota or any specific brand). And one of my relations said my current car is still in great condition and do the T belt repair and keep it for another couple of years, and instead of upgrading, he suggested to buy a block of land of few purches nearby his surrounding (in Homagama area). He said land value will be almost doubled in 2-3 years (I have no idea whether it is true or false). Please let me know your opinion with below options (I'm not an expert in automobiles, investments or financial planning. But I consider loans/ leases as headaches and disturb my peace of mind. I'm an average professional with an average income and it is sufficient to keep my simple, peaceful lifestyle). Option 1: Sell my current BJ5P car and upgrade to the Belta. (need to get a small personal loan here) Option 2: Keep my current car. Also keep extending the 1 mil FD in the bank and keep the peace in mind. Option 3: Keep my current car and purchase that land (need to get a small personal loan here) Thank you in advance.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Few years back I also in the same situation. It is good to see that you have decided to go for a used Japanese car instead of buying a new Indian/ Chinese crap. A wise decision. But the key point here is finding a well maintained car. All cars you mentioned are really good cars and proven. In my opinion (and little experience) N16 is not that good with petrol and less comfy compare with others. 110 is a great car but these days highly overpriced. With 2.1 mil you may find a 1997 one most probably with a mileage above 150,000 km. So IMO it will be BJ5P vs FB15. Probably you can find 2000 or 2001 cars with more options and mileage just above 100,000. You don't need to worry about maintaining and finding parts for both models. But well maintained BJ5Ps and FB15s are still overpriced or owners will stick to them for sometimes. There will be plenty of them in that quick site and but finding a good one may be quite hard. I have used both BJ5P and FB15. Both are equally good and great cars. Good looking, reliable and comfy. I can't say this is better without being bias to one of them though BJ5P may have the edge when it comes to handling and driving pleasure. Fellow AL members with more experience and knowledge may contribute you with more details. Good luck!
  4. Update: I went to a repair shop in front of Savoy Wellawatta. They checked the phone and said there is a power short and battery replacement may not solve the problem. Anyway they will not simply replace the batteries if there is a short. To fix the power short problem it may take few days.
  5. No restrictions I think.... Forum under Home > Other > .....
  6. Hi, I got a serious battery issue with my iPhone 5S. This is now almost 3 years old. Since few months battery was draining very fast even during standby time. Few times I diagnosed this from shops and all said there is nothing wrong. But there is something wrong and software updates did not fix it. Currently it is on iOS 8.1.1 and I cannot update to latest iOS because the phone has very limited memory available, most probably it will not fix this issue (as usual) and anyway I don't want those fancy upgraded features. Now got a new problem - a real headache. When battery level is reducing around 45% (sometimes even around 59%) it shuts down suddenly. It doesn't show the usual battery low warnings. When it is plugged and restarts automatically for charging, battery level is displayed around that percentage (around 45%). I searched on the Internet and went thru few articles and forums including Apple discussion forums. There are 2 options. Option 1: Do a Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) that may solve software and firmware problems (a painful, time consuming process and there is a risk in this). Even after a successful DFU upgrade problem may not be solved and if so you need to go to option 2. Option 2: Simply replace the battery from a shop that will cost some 7,000 - 8,000 rupees I think. Most probably this will fix the problem. If any of you have experience in similar problem/ battery issue with iPhone please let me know how did you fix it/ what do you recommend from above 2 options. Cheers!
  7. Thanks all for your quick replies. When I'm coming back from the office it was ok. None of the warning lights were indicating on the dashboard. Also I tested the brakes few time by applying sudden heavy presses on the brake paddle. Seems it was ok. This is quite wired. May be some dust or dirt on ABS sensor. (Btw, there were some several road construction works on my way to office) Anyway I will keep eyes on this and update in case any changes. Thank you again for useful quick replies.
  8. I'm using a Mazda Familia BJ5P year 2000 model (daily office drive in Colombo). I'm using this car for 3 years and serviced/ maintained properly and serving me as a reliable, rock solid way so far. Next service is due in 200 kms. Few weeks ago it indicated the hand brake warning (!) on the dashboard. The oil level in the brake oil container was little lowered and after filling it problem solved. No more warning signs. BUT, today (after few weeks) BOTH hand brake warning (!) and ABS warning (ABS) on the dashboard were indicating during driving (no blinking, both warning lights on during the entire journey). (1) What can be the possible causes? (2) Is this a serious thing to pay attention immediately? If so, what actions should I take immediately? (3) Should I visit a proper place like Ma**a Motors or is it ok to check this with a nearby "under the mango tree" type of garage? Please give your recommendations. Thanks in advance.
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