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  1. Hi SNJ, Thanks to petrolHead1 there is nothing left for me to add. Yes I bought the vehicle and now it has done around 10K. I also had second thoughts of buying it because staford people also warn me about that transmission issue, but it just a myth due to vezel 2014 issues. So far so good. What I like: 1. Fuel economy is decent at 10km/L to 30km/L 2. SUV like experience ,good ground clearance 3. Honda sensing pack 4. Stylish ,Spacious interior 5. Sporty look and performance Only thing that I do not like is there was no spare wheel its got only puncture repair kit an
  2. Thanks a lot @terrabytetango and @Quiet for your comments.
  3. @DhoRK Thank you very much for your valuable comments. Prius and mazda axela 2016 are little bit out of my budget and fuel economy is important too Any comment regarding reliability of hybrid system from 2016 vezel owners please...?
  4. Hi All, I'm presently going to buy a honda vezel RS 2016 but I am worried as I heard lot of bad comments on vezel. So i have some questions and hope I can get answers from experts 1)Are there any issues also on vezel 2016 models? (as i know recalls and issues are on 2014-2015 models ) 2)Do I need to test my vezel on Sta*ford before buying even its zero mileage ? 3)Do I have another better options for this prize range? (I can think only toyota axio hybrid wxb) Anyone can shed some light on this please... Thanks in advance
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