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  1. @rangerover @VVTi Can you suggest me a place (hopefully around Kadawatha/Colombo/Gampaha) where i'll be able get the Armor all wheel cleaner?
  2. Hey Guys, Is it normal to replace the crank pulley/pulley damper at 60K kms? Thanks.
  3. @Crosswind We have a subscription with Dialog, the pearl package. If you are offended by irrelevant Indian advertisements i don't think Dialog TV is for you, i am not sure about the HD channels though, i think they are not streamed from India, Dialog used to give out the HD channels for free during the holiday seasons, if i am not mistaken i didn't see a single Indian advertisement when watching the HD channels. Their customer service is really good, replaced our set top box several times along with the remote. We also have the Discovery Turbo and Science channels, yes it is also filled with I
  4. Hi @terrabytetango, Thumbs up for the review. Do you still own the car? If so how well has it stood the test of time, yes it has only been one year, anything major done on the car? I am really skeptical about these hybrids, oh and what is the current mileage/kilometerage, that is if you own the car? Thanks
  5. Thanks for sharing man, we will as consumers be finally screwed putting this crap to our vehicles.
  6. @Quiet From what i understand operating lease is equivalent to hire purchase, is that true? Thank you for dedicating your time on this thread, i learnt a lot from this short discussion.
  7. Thanks @Quiet This leasing concept is way over my understanding.
  8. @iRage @Crosswind Thanks Guys. So in other words what my father said was correct, if the car is given back to the lessor i understand that i will have to pay surcharges which will be expensive. When the time comes i will do more research, for now i guess i have a basic idea of how leasing works in Sri Lanka.
  9. Hi everyone, this is my first thread in the Autolanka forums. I searched the forums but I couldn't find anything related to this topic so here I am. I have researched about this topic and I want you experts to comment on my findings. I am confused about the leasing process that takes place in Sri Lanka. According some articles that I read on the internet, leasing is essentially equivalent to renting. For example, let’s assume that I plan to lease a luxury car for 3 years, we will also assume that it has a sticker price of 150 lakhs at the dealer. According to what I read,
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