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  1. So what happened guys?you kept an engine?
  2. Usual fuel consumption for a bj is like 8kmpl in the city.your one is too low.as of tune up what did your mechanic do?did he replace the spark plugs,cleaning the throttle body,IAC valve,injectors,fuel filter,air filter? Whats the milage of the car?.i think engine rebuilt would have been your second choice.a proper tune up would have been done. by the way.Why dont you refer the car to some mazda expert.
  3. No idea bro i use halogen.they are fine for me.whats the car? You already have leds in your car Or trying to shift from halogens to leds? Check their halogen range https://www.powerbulbs.com/eu/store/category/car-bulbs/fitting/h4-472
  4. Try powerbulbs its a eu site.they ship to srilanka. https://www.powerbulbs.com/eu/store/category/led-car-bulbs
  5. mash1981

    Auto gear

    From where did you repair the car?is he a qualified tech?you should have raise the question to him at that time.do you have previous service records of the car?have you or the previous owner has been using toyota oil? Most auto gear oils are same.theyvaries with the thickness.i think since your car is more than 10 years old it should be alright.as you said 500ml wont make any huge difference.
  6. Just go for it.put it to toyota lanka and get a full report.dont go to unreliable places.most of the well maintained aquas from 2012 ,now has a battery capacity of nearly 80%. Battery could fail at no time but howmany incidents have you heard or came across so far?.its vey rear. Most of the people in SL expects brand new conditions in second hand cars?
  7. I take mine to them they do a good job and they know in and out of the car. Do you have any bad experience with them? Basicaly any garage would do a tune up but you have to go to a good mechanic.
  8. Whats your fuel consumption ?take it to mazna they will do a tune up.normally bjs do 8km in the city and 12 in the long drives.
  9. Anyway thse gearboxes are not as smooth as cvt boxes.i also feel my gear changes sometimes.isnt it quiet normal?
  10. You must be a expert with mazdas.sorry bro We are experts wuth tuk tuks
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