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    Sell it and buy UK version
  2. Reuse for general lubrication needs at home?
  3. This is going to end like the compost fertilizer thing🐃
  4. Looks like hydrogen combustion engines are getting a strong push from toyota as an alternative to electric 🤔
  5. There are no more automobile engineers in the world. There are system engineers,electrical and Electronic engineers, software engineers, mechanical and NVH engineers, Application engineers, functional safety experts, project managers etc working simultaneously on a single project to release a new vehicle model within a given budget, spec and time. Vehicle development has become so complicated that since the nineties its not possible for one almighty "automobile engineer" to posses the required expert level knowledge to design and develop a vehicle. Do you rather mean automobile "technicians " 🤔
  6. Not been able to return due to covid and not able to sort out emissions certificate and therefore no revenue license since last July. Wonder how much the fine will be🙄 Is there an option to suspend registration temporarily like in UK etc ?
  7. Isnt it allowed send lithium batteries by airmail?
  8. Normally they come through ac filter. So blocking the ac filter with a grill is enough, not sure about acqua though. Have you tried the mortein cubes?
  9. Try ebay.co. uk, Civics are still made in Swindon until July /2021
  10. Yes bare land will always be in demand and easy to sell, unlike land with houses or flats. Assuming Banks will not go bankrupt, foreign currency deposits might be an interesting option(140 to 200 rupees per USD, almost 50% increase in 5 years and you get at least 3% annual interest from the Bank on top of that).
  11. They are two different classes. For the 5series, you should compare with E class. If the current prices are same, it is due to external factors in Sri lanka (resale value, reliability, mileage, availability of parts etc)
  12. Interesting, but he still doesn't need to do emissions test right?🤣
  13. Wait till the cops get wind of this🤣
  14. I heard its a mafia thing to be able to bid at harbor auctions ,thugs waiting on the way to the auction and turning people around with threats..
  15. BMW, Mercs are built as luxury brands(unless it's an entry segment vehicle which may share parts with others like Renault). Audi is the luxury grade of many common brands like VW,Skoda, Seat sharing the same platform and parts (like Lexus and Toyota). In Europe Audi would be cheaper to maintain since parts are more abundant and cheaper, but you don't have that advantage in Sri Lanka. When it comes to ageing(paint, interior) better and holding value, Merc> BMW> Audi. But specific models can have different issues even for them.
  16. Hi gents, I am facing some delays to renew the revenue license of a vehicle in Sri Lanka due to not being able to return amid the pandemic. After 12months elapsed, the penalty is same when you go there to renew again? http://www.motortraffic.wp.gov.lk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=100&Itemid=127&lang=en Or Is there a maximum period after which it's not possible to renew again?
  17. ajm


    I couldn't agree more! Only a few percentage of the people are first class citizens while the others just cheer their success from the gallery.
  18. ajm


    Being under the illusion of a "first class" citizen in one's own country while not knowing that even these "third class" citizens have access to better social security, healthcare and education in first class countries?
  19. What about dpf issues in the diesel?
  20. Oh, 50k for a used part? Was the old one clogged with soot or just stuck? Maybe if it's mechanically stuck, it might be the spring inside and possible to repair. What fuel did you use regular or super?
  21. B5 Facelift Diesel. Very comfortable ride, good handling and 13kmpl (normal diesel) combined. Maintenance with original parts which last longer, only at mechanics who know how to work on German cars.
  22. Congratulations, hope it's a permanent fix. How was the cost?
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