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    I couldn't agree more! Only a few percentage of the people are first class citizens while the others just cheer their success from the gallery.
  2. Being under the illusion of a "first class" citizen in one's own country while not knowing that even these "third class" citizens have access to better social security, healthcare and education in first class countries?
  3. What about dpf issues in the diesel?
  4. Oh, 50k for a used part? Was the old one clogged with soot or just stuck? Maybe if it's mechanically stuck, it might be the spring inside and possible to repair. What fuel did you use regular or super?
  5. B5 Facelift Diesel. Very comfortable ride, good handling and 13kmpl (normal diesel) combined. Maintenance with original parts which last longer, only at mechanics who know how to work on German cars.
  6. Congratulations, hope it's a permanent fix. How was the cost?
  7. Yes they are, but based on the expected operating profile of the vehicle( no more German overengineering). So if it's a grey import Audi from UK market, it might run into problems prematurely when used in a harsher environment/profile. This also applies to 12V battery and the other high power components. Only a scan will reveal the exact issue, sensors battery or motor.
  8. Well the lifetime consumption of the starter motor has nothing to do with the odometer. It's manufactured to survive only a limited number of start operations. If the car is used mostly on stop and go traffic, lifetime can end soon.
  9. Start stop not suitable for SL traffic, could have disabled it. I suggest you first check the sensors needed for start stop function.(bonnet close switch, pedal position sensor, door close switch, wheel speed sensor etc). However it could be that your starter motor has already reached the lifetime in harsher SL traffic.
  10. Accident and flood damaged cars bought from auctions and repaired with fake JAAI certificates and 4.5 grade auction sheets. Only the dumb Sri Lankan customers will buy them at 200% inflated prices to impress the neighbors next door.
  11. Well they decided to build their livelihoods on a toxic industry based on lies and broken promises, instead of bothering to learn a real profession or skill. How many people who believed their lies and bought vehicles lost millions due to vehicles being not suitable for SL? So called seller warranties are useless against manufacturing weaknesses, and most of the time even a seller warranty is not given leaving the buyer all by himself. Now they can't blame others when karma hits them back 😂
  12. Skills? What skills to these car sales con artists have apart from ripping off poor customers with lies and tricks? Those who have real skills like the mechanics and service staff will always have plenty of work as long as people keep driving 😃
  13. Good lesson for the Mafia that ripped off customers for decades. Hope they all go bankrupt.
  14. AFAIK You can't change dashboard language in the JDM grey imports
  15. What about Mazda MPV? I have seen they're quite popular in Japan among families.
  16. Santa Fe rear seats are a joke, not even children can get in or out easily. https://youtu.be/MrvMXi01wPQ?t=126
  17. Do you really need a hybrid? Why take the risk of having to replace hybrid vehicle components if you are buying a 6 year old car? The first owners have used up the benefits of hybrid by now, who buys one now would have to pay back the fuel savings the first owners had.
  18. They had the highest injection pressures(2000+ bar) at a time, and was even higher than initial common rail systems. That explains the crazy good fuel economy, why it was used in VW delivery vans etc. The system has fewer parts than common rail. However the injector is very complicated and there is a spring-locking mechanism which can break due to vibration . But this has no impact on functionality. Another issue is camshaft wear due to heavy mechanical load needed to drive injectors. So routine oil and filter changes are must. The thing has no DPF Catalyst and runs on regular diesel without
  19. Don't the B5-2000 facelift and B6-2002+ full model change have same 1.9 TDi AjM engine? This design has pump injectors driven by the CAM, without a seperate common rail or high pressure pump. VW,Audi didnt change to common rail until 2008 or so AFAIK.. Even 2008ish cars have pump injector system.
  20. In Europe the biggest hurdles to EV/ fuel cell technology acceptance are Range, Cost and charging/H2 infrastructure. For example EV batteries are seperately leased and it becomes quite expensive if you drive more than 20000km/year. Market penetration and charging/ H2 infrastructure have become a chicken-egg problem.
  21. Tesla is a one man show like Apple, VW Porsche Toyota are traditional industries. But it's good to see Tesla breaking the stereotypes and challenging the long established design and manufacturing processes. Because in the current age, less is more!
  22. Don't buy a Euro if you are used to substandard maintenance with cheap low quality parts. You may get away with it with a jap, but a Euro will punish you hard!
  23. Usually the electrodes also deteriorate, not only the conductor. Do they also replace that? Even if a small metal or other particles gets into the conductor, it can cause an internal short circuit/fire ?
  24. The head must be removed to get the valves out, grind them and replace seals or also valves. Since Korean engines are similar to European, I would check twice if phasing the head is a good idea instead of just following the workshop recommendation to phase. Since the head is removed it's a good time to change rings, slew the cylinders and any other routine repairs since you don't want to remove the engine again after some time.
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