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  1. Thanks for your quick reply cross-wind! And hi ajm. Good to have some ideas from a 407 owner. Yes 407 should do more on fuel compared to a cefiro but 11.5 is quite high than what I expected. Also what exactly are the issues with Auto gearbox may I know pls as Im more interested in a auto. And cross-wind can I know the experience with Focus u having if u dont mind pls. Fords are a different world for me. Never had a chance to drive one
  2. Hello! A young car enthusiast here. Im new to the forum and super-astonished by the amount of information underlying here. It is still hard to believe that we got such educated community here in SL about automobiles.So guys my askings are below. I would be much obligated if you could give your ideas about these questions. 1. If your primary intersts are luxury, driving pleasure and prestige instead of fuel consumption which car will you pick- Nissan Cefiro or Peugeot 407. (Considering both in the same price range these days as i know) 2. And the best one this - Why the relatively new
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