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  1. Could you please someone can explain the fuel economy of Axio hybrid 2014/2015, Honda GP5 and Honda Grace 2015/16 (specially city conditions -Sri Lanka).
  2. I have been Honda fan since 2007. I love Honda Fit. My family used to own Honda GE6 last 10 years . Honestly I never go to guarage due to any mechanical issue (current odo 135,000km, but I do everything on time including services any where less than every 3900km). That car I was personally pick up from Kobe Honda auction with assist of one my friend (Mr. Abeydeera- Just mention his name as gratitude to him). Now time to move new one. I am seeking some local advice about problems associated with GP 5. I know, DCT recall units mainly in among the Sri Lanka Market. I heard many issues that there among DCT issues, etc. Can you one explain the negatives side of GP5, by their own experience. Also let me know advantages or disadvantages over GP1, vs GP5 as well. (Not for GP7- due budget restriction). Any answers are very much appreciated.
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