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  1. Quiet, supra-natural and all the others sorry for my mistake. Sorry for annoying repetition, and I thought that all who participated in discussion will only receive my reply if only I asked everyone individually. Sorry that won’t happen again. @ Supra natural- no I have not yet decided to buy the baleno yet. And even after your criticism still my question looks fair to me. If you are getting annoyed by my DAMMED QUESTION please stay away from answering them. Those who answered previously provided good insight to baleno vs vitz battle. And that is why I asked further questions
  2. What I am asking is “ if all these fears are solely due to second hand market popularity that will be a risk some buyers would not mind to take.” It has no doubt that vitz has got very good value when it comes to second hand market. And it will remain so for at least next couple of years. I just want to rule out the fact of second hand market value and get the opinion from someone who really has good idea about both these cars.
  3. What if I willing to sacrifice 3-4 lacks in future (may be after 4-5 years when I am selling my car), would you still prefer vitz over baleno. I mean using a car which is more stylish and which has more modern day specifications in the expense of few lacks. What is your expert opinion?
  4. Best value for money unregistered car for less than 4M. Plz give your opinion on appearance, driving experience, maintenance, second hand market and durability.
  5. what is your opinion of buying a baleno over vitz as i know baleno is available as an international edition and am palanning to import from japan. i thught quality of international edition of baleno would be superior to that of local indian edition
  6. Toyota vitz 2016 vs Suzuki Baleno 2016/2017. Which is beter? What is your opinion? will baleno become mutch popular after the budjet in Sri lanka. Will baleno become much popular after the budget in Sri lanka. What about maintenance and long term use.
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