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  1. TL said me that replacing the duty valve of the compressor might solve my issue as itz 2013. And it will cost about 25k. but after going through past threads on this here i don’t see that sort of a solution has goven any one a recovery. So i wanna chk the compressor from a external party too and get their idea on this.
  2. Please suggest a place to repair AC compressor of a 2013 Allion 260. Someone who get replaced or get repaired the allion ac compressor issue please mention the place other than the TL. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone give me the deatils on Heavy Vehicle Import Duty scheme currently in act in sri lanka. Need to know how the tax calculates for a 6 wheel tipper truck.
  4. Can a full diagnosis report from Toyotalanka reveal this? The diagnosis report of the last general service doesn't mention anything need to be done. I have no idea of the full diagnosis report and the general report we get from the general service are same.
  5. OK. How about telling the concern to TL and make it their way. will they work on the same procedure.
  6. U mean it needs to be removed from the car right.. ?
  7. You mean the engine mounts? I don't hear or feel any abnormal sound or vibration other than from the car. Anyway i'll check on those too. Thnx Btw How to check the existing CVT oil condition or level. Can it be diagnosed with a scanner?
  8. yes.only for abt 2 secs it was there. just abt 2 heavy vibrates when im trying to climb with the least rpm.(starting to move slowly)
  9. My 2013 Allion 260 sometimes vibrates heavily for about 2 seconds at inclines when im at about idle rpm or bit higher.(When starting to climb)(like cvt fails to move the car) I have purchased the car recently and the odo is 57k. All the records are available with me and everything done at TL. CVT oil change and tune up and almost everything needed to be done at 40k has done exactly at 40k at TL. I have experienced this thing for 2 times till now for the 1000km i did. I have read some NZT260 cvt issues on this forum but im experiencing some thing different. Thanks.
  10. According to the above document , this circled number should be the sticker number as well right. But it says that they cant locate the car details.
  11. The car importer him self sent me both by mistake i guess BTW itz pretty expensive right. And can we assure that we will get all the deatils after paying.
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