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  1. please tell me what are the better engine oils for suzuki swift jeep(japan) model. 111,000km now
  2. Pls tell me what is better from these type of tyres 1.BFgoodrich(american) 2. kumho(korean) 3. Jinu (vietnam)
  3. Kasun12


    pls tell me which is better for a car from followings...(. kumho(korea), Maxxies(chaina), dunlop(thailand),
  4. it was a problem with one ignition coil and spark plugs. I replaced all..now it is ok thank you very much for all who help me.. best regards kasun
  5. little bit higher to change the gears thank you
  6. I buy it before few month. owner told me he did it before 5000km 98882km not show check engine light thank you
  7. Hi, I hv suzuki swift 2004 jeep model. when I start it , RPm is going up and down around 1 minute with out acceleration. Also while I am driving some time i feel some time RPm is going up and down and feel vibration . this is more if AC is on. when i drive to hill i feel vehicle is not moving according to the acceleration(while AC off too). pls tel me what may be the problem?
  8. I have suzuki swift 2004 jeep model. Its sheet belt indicater light not working(not on at all). Is there any fuse or relay to check. ?? all wires under the sheet is ok.
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