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  1. Very appreciated, thanks for you more information.. # By the way you as you told about performance but see so many units is going on all roads ? I think that's not much worry about that correct.? Thanks,
  2. I have planning to buy a Toyota Vitz 1000cc F safety car it is 2016 model and I have chosen color is Magnetic Metallic grey, So I would kindly have get your expert opinions and comments about this car. Specially about, # Performance # Faults # Second hand market Thanks, Cham094
  3. I want to buy a ECU & Engine wire Harness (Green Color Connectors) of Mazda Familia BJ5P, I still searching from some known places but coul'nt find correct one, if you know the any other places to where i can find these items please help me. Chamila
  4. Dear NRX, I have checked the engine sensors with mechanic person also scanned the ECU. that all showing ok. but the problem is this car meter panel changed to diesel panel, therefore cannot see engine light but that coil mark is indicating sometimes and is off by automatically. anyhow now another electrician said need to check all the supply and wire harness connection to find out this stranger issue.now is going on,.is that anyone had this same experience too pls. share with me.i would like to get that info's for quickly fix this issue.. thanks to all. Chamila.
  5. Thanks Matroska, actually this problem has occurred at the time i;m driving with lower speed , then I push accelerator padal but it is not getting accelerate and will stop the car. and after stop i should wait & see at least 15 min. without start after that it will start. thanks.
  6. Hi My friends, I've bought a 2000 model, 2002 registered Mazda Familia BJ5P car before several days, unfortunately I got an issue, it is while I'm driving car, engine getting suddenly stopped, it happens several times But the problem is cannot tell exact time for that issue. Have you anyone had the same issue like this. please advice me.. still waiting..
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