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  1. yes. so, could it be a program error? ok. got the point. thanks a lot
  2. thanks a lot for taking time to reply. really appreciate. well, I have a bluetooth headset connected to the phone while driving and left it in the car. but key malfunction comes even when its switched off. could it be a culprit? 🤔 I have a spare key, but haven't used it at all. so I tried it after inserting a new battery. but it's not working at all. I will check on that. well, it's a good battery though 😊 one more thing to clarify. is it normal to blink that tiny red bulb in the key automatically when the key is near the car? thanks a lot.
  3. sometimes, I cannot lock or unlock the car with the remote smart key. also the yellow coloured 'key missing sign' appears when the key is inside the car and even while driving the car. (EVEN AFTER REPLACING THE KEY BATTERY) What are the causes for this kind of malfunctioning of the smart key? How can they be fixed?
  4. There's no RPM meter in the dashboard. Ya. I also thought of replacing only the Vavle. Thanks
  5. Yes. Ignition system was fully checked with replacement of plugs and tune-up.
  6. Hello there, my Nissan March K11 (2001) has rough idling especially with AC being on. Did a tune up, but no improvement. Mechanic says that IAC valve needs to be replaced. Any leads and guides? TIA Also, is it possible to buy brand new IAC valves for this car?
  7. Does anyone know a place in Colombo/Kadawatha/Kurunegala to replace this beading?

    Nissan March K11 



  8. Does anyone know a place in Colombo/Kadawatha/Kurunegala to replace this beading? Nissan March K11 Thanks
  9. Are there agents who get down Denso AC Compressors made-in-Japan? Heard that there are Denso compressors made in Singapore/Thaiwan. (so there's a considerable price gap between these two) Also for Toyota Premio NZT260, how much will it cost for the original compressor? Got a quotation from T***** L**** and a renowned agent who gets down original compressors. But there's a big price gap between them. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello there, do we need to re-grease the rack of this car? I've done 120000 kms and recently replaced all the shock-absorber. Mechanic says it's better to re-grease and adjust the rack. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G615F using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  11. Ah, got it. Many thanks... Sent from my SM-G615F using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  12. hmmm... I'm also bit cautious with TL guys. Once I did a Full check up and tunning at TL-Wattala. They even replaced the engine mounts. But did not comment anything about the AC. (that was about 1 year ago and at that time there were no issues with AC) So did they check your AC compressor by dismantling? (At TL-Kandy?)
  13. You can go for a Premio or Allion these days for a budget between 5-6 millions, probably 2013/2014 models. Due to the sudden gush of Vehicle Permits, most of them are being sold these days. But remember these are common models. So it depends on your personal perceptions.
  14. Thanks hrm. So how can we know that the compressor is beyond the limits of repair? These tech guys try to manipulate us with various things. Is there any place to read around it? Thanks
  15. Thank a lot BlueRaiden. Really appreciate your guidance.
  16. Hello there, All of a sudden my Toyota Premio 2007 NZT260 blew out hot air from AC and found to have a leak in the cooler. Then it was replaced with a new one. However, now sometimes the AC is still not functioning properly with blowing out hot air. Mechanic says that there's a problem with the compressor and need to get it replaced. That is also with NZT 240 0r Toyota 121 compressor. Can it be due to a problem in expansion valve? So can anyone give an opinion? Thanks a lot in advance.
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