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  1. Dude, Even I'd love to have a Japanese make loaded with great stuff. There's no argument with it. But in Sri Lankan context its different. I wonder what you get spending 3.0 Mn or even higher for 660 cc new craps behind which so much of crowd run these days. on another hand, having quite a resale value in "SRI LANKA" means one can do anything to the vehicle (bad use, mileage adjustment etc. ) and easily sell it to you. specially to a vehicle like vitz 2008 1.0 or 1.3, can you guess how long and how much it had gone under what type of changes. This doesn't apply for good stuff from Japan. The p
  2. Guys, I feel like sick after seeing a 2016 picanto rolling with modified wheels. should be of 185 or 195mm width probably with 15 or 16 alloys. I can't wait till the alloys get replaced with some cool stuff like that. Please advise me on available options for a 2016 1.0. Thanks
  3. Running behind Japanese is a just a mania in our country. with that, ppl miss so much of good stuff. If I had thought that much about resale value I d miss that nice Picanto I own now. Besides, just compare the latest Japanise crap with a 1.0 l picanto. I dont think anybody have to explain you the difference.
  4. It was relieving after reading this. Thanks for sharing.
  5. thank you very much for sharing your ideas.
  6. Hi, Just came to be an owner of a Kia Picanto 2016, a CAQ done around 16,000. I heard a rumor about a white smoke (burning of oil) around 60,000 in KIA. anybody faced with this problem in this community? does this apply to Picanto 2016 as well. Please explain.
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