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  1. Hello gayan1990, I think it's a error in engine mounts. Normally it has 4 mounts. When engine mounts are not in good condition vibration occurs bcz engine lose it's balance as it's not fixed correctly. So better to check and change. Thanks
  2. Ok. My apologies from all members here that I insulted. I am angry bcz, you guys were thinking that i am trying to market my car here. Please don't come with this again. And I doesn't want to sell the car. In my first post , the every I have listed is through. I don't want to lie to anyone. As I don't know y'all too. So I don't want to lie. Thanks and forgive me!!!
  3. Ok now you mean there are no 2.4L Manual year 2007 xtrail. That means you don't no. I know as my classmate has 2.4l manual xtrail. It has directly imported by a embassy in Sri Lanka. How can I prove this to you??
  4. Hi, Really appreciate your words. The only thing is you don't no why I came here?. Get the point, I came here to share the ideas and my thoughts about mainly CEFIRO and if I know about other i will. Some didn't understand this. True presealover may be old member. But I don't care it. If he is talking nonsense about my car what to do. I am the owner, but he knows more than me.? I really do not need to sell my car bcz she is mechanically superb. The thing is Old members should know how to treat for a newbie. They all are really annoying. Also the 240kmph
  5. So are you happy with your CEFIRO , what you bought and sold without using it one month. ???
  6. Your future plans is to buy a car.? Talking about cars who's plan is to buy a car in future. I'm laughing my ass broh...??
  7. Dude I'm not planning buy a formula one car. So I don't need to know.? I think you only know the engines in the formula one. That's why you are talking about it.? So sorry mate!!
  8. So you are telling that 1.5L engine has better acceleration than 2L engine. So sad. You have to learn from the beginning.
  9. Are you a Doctor?? If not you can be a doctor as you have ability as you can find persons mentality through a post. I really appreciate you friend. Keep it up. And who the hell is chathura senarathna...I don't know that guy. Sorry I'm not sure whether you spent the time with a CEFIRO or ????? Dude get my point first and then talk. I came to this forum to share my ideas on CEFIRO as I can't believe the performance of the mine(year 2000 car)18 years old without any error. I know no one believes this. And I didn't came to sell my car. I put a add on ###### tw
  10. Why I am advertising. I just came to this forum to share my thoughts. Now only I know these people are so funny. Thanks for reminding me about HW's Thank you again. I am already driving a Honda grace too man..nothing to worry. I knows the difference between grace and CEFIRO. According to you only elders know about vehicles. So sad about you.?
  11. Dude, My dad loves 2L and above engines. What I meant is I don't won't to by a Civic comes with 1.5 L . I have drove earlier a 1.5L one. So I know the performance and no pickup. Actually his mountain bicycle is better I think .
  12. Hey, You are right. But I need to see the performance of the car. So speeded to 240kmph. No errors came still.(don't no about future). Actually you are right. I am driving my dad's car.?
  13. I'm not buying 1.5 L bullshit engines dude. Better by a Alto than a Civic Sorry look for another one.
  14. Yes. Only you came to see the car. That guy doesn't came. He's talking about bullshit.?
  15. As you are new to CEFIRO you don't no about shops who are importing CEFIRO spares. There are many shops near you. But you don't no. ?
  16. 10 minutes ago, PreseaLover´╗┐ said: Ohh really. Engine seized after decided to sell. What a lie.?? I have advertised my car to see whether it has good demand. Not to sell man. Anyway if you agree to buy my car I don't selling it. Sorry!!
  17. ????? You don't no what I feel. So sad about you mate. You are talking about someone else's car. I don't no what you are talking about. Actually I bought this about 2 years ago. So how you saw it about 5 months before. So It's clear that you are lieng. Also you have seen anyone else's car ,that seller might lied to you saying that this is Gamini dissanayakas car.?? So sad. So sad about you friend.?
  18. Ohoo, So you are the one who came on presea to see my car. You are wrong brother. It's owned by Naveen dissanayaka. Gamini dissnayaka is his father. And you lied to me that you bought the CEFIRO for 2.5million. I also laughed my ass. And you told me you are selling the CEFIRO because of seating problem. But actually you had engine error.?
  19. Ohh my God. I know shops that has reconditioned engines for CEFIRO. It's unbelievable that he couldn't find a engine. Or if he check with panchikawatta easily can find.
  20. Hi presealover, I am not telling it's the greatest car in the country. What I am telling is it's a good deal for low price. Also I agree with you threesome ?and fabric seats. Singapore version have many errors too. And Cedric and Laurel has no demand. And Cedric is really high in fuel as it comes with either 2.5L or 3.0 engine. But the car is superb who's not thinking much about fuel.
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