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  1. The Pajero was bought from an auction and the body wasn't recoverable, So the previous owner got a report from the RMV that the old body isnt a recoverable one. Then he imported Pajero body with a permit from RMV (couldn't remember is it from RMV or not but he has the permit) Body thing is done legally. I really wanted to know about the other things such as chassis, engine and etc by chassis no.
  2. Thanks for the reply mate. If the chassis no is budded will it become a problem when handing over the documents to the RMV other than an accident?
  3. Thank u for the advice bro. Actually body was imported with permit. There is no problem with the body. But I dont know if there are any issue in the Pajero that im going to buy. I need to find if its a bud chassis no or not.
  4. Is CLO48-VGJ chassis number Pajeros are Flat roof or high roof? If anyone knows could you please tell me what information can known from this chassis number.. Thank you!
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