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  1. Hello @Komisiripala Can i get your direct contact number? I have a few clarifications on CVT gearbox repairing. TIA, Chevin
  2. Hi all, looking for Honda Civic Ek3 rear disc set. Any recommendations/contacts? TIA.
  3. I am facing battery issues. Manufacture year is 2013 registered in 2014. Seems like the second battery replacement is up, battery was replaced in 12.01.2017. Is this normal? What is a good battery brand that one would recommend? TIA
  4. Why would you guys recommend for long term use? Celerio is much newer and spacious. My biggest issue is the Auto Gear Shift gearbox. Is it reliable?
  5. Which car would be better in term of, Longevity and build quality Engine Reliability Maintenance
  6. Looking for the best hot hatchback for a budget of 3 to 3.2 million. Great Engine Reliability Fuel Economy Maintenance Cost
  7. Hi Guys, Need your views/first hand experience on the above vehicles. My budget is 2.7 to 2.9 Mil and want to get a brand new vehicle with warranty which will provide the below, hassle free/ easy maintenance fuel economy spare parts comfort TIA
  8. Daihatsu mira 2015/16 Looking for views & opinion on the above car. Given that it is available brand new however with 660 cc engine how would it compare against a Viva Elite 2014 in terms of feasibility and maintenance costs. Will i face issues traveling out of colombo since it is only 660 cc. Any current users of the above model with first hand experience? TIA
  9. Suzuki Celerio 2016 or Viva Elite 2014 I'm looking to buy a good used manual car with low to average mileage. My requirement is to use the car for a minimum of four years for daily traveling. Hence my key exceptions are, Comfort and Reliability Driving pleasure Fuel Economy Low to decent maintenance cost Resale value Looking for reviews and feedback on which option is best. TIA Cheers!
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