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  1. Thank you for the thought, so you mean to try to sell the car with lease?
  2. Hi Auto Experts, I am a newbie in the automotive industry so thought to ask your opinion in a situation. The situation We are planning to move to south India, and one of my main concern is my car, which I bought two years ago. It's Toyota wigo bought directly Toyota wattala. I am a lite user, so for the last two years, I only driven 3200 km (car is in brand new condition) and still has free service from Toyota and also a warranty from them. When I bought the car, I paid half of the price in cash, and for the other half, I took a loan from HNB for four years ( so far I have paid around 1.5 years). So these are the options I thought. 1. Export the Car to India. Since this a really good car and haven't used a lot, I am thinking of transferring it to India too. If this a choice then do you have any idea on import and fees I have to pay both in Sri Lanka and India for a used car? What will be the procedure for exporting and importing? Will it be easy to get it to the public from India? (Any sort of info will be highly helpful) 2. Sell the Car If selling the car good option then will able to sell and transfer the loan? Or do I need to sell it by paying off the loan? Do you think what will be the resale value (According to brief calculations even if sold the car for 36 lakhs still I will incur 6 lakhs loss so when the resale value goes lower than the 36 then loss will be even greater)? What will my best place to try to sell? Finally can share safety tips on how to sell correctly? I will appreciate any sort of info and help. If you any other suggestions also please let me know. Thank You Alston Antony
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