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  1. Hi guys was wondering where I can find a relatively affordable clay bar , so far only found a meguiars clay kit on takas but it costs 7k , any other places I can find cheaper ones ?
  2. Thanks guys for the pointers . We did find 1 1.8 allion for sale , the owner is asking 44.50 for it , which seems a bit steep considering the market for the 1.8 is usually lower than the 1.8. But now the problem is market and resale value . The car has had 2 previous owners . It seems to be in pretty good condition as well. I would love us to get that but dad isn't too sure how easy it would be to sell. My question now is how bad is the resale demand going to be compared to a vios. Because for me at least the demand for the vios wasnt the best but was acceptable . Could someone shed some light into this matter . Also how would the resale demand and market be compared to a Cvic 1.6 . Thanks .
  3. Hahaha yea that's pretty much the only thing it has going for it ????
  4. Sort of but let me give a little more background. Our current we had for the past 7 years is a vios 2004.The pick up in that car is quite nice and handling since it's a small car is quite fun and nimble but at moderate speeds it has a bit of body roll at the back and feels a bit "floaty" at the rear.My problem with the A15 is it's sort the same car using same suspension and engine as the vios but in a much larger and heavier car . So everything good about that setup of car is gone like nimble handling and pickup.I would be fine with this if the allion could compensate in features like cruise control . That's why I thought of giving the A18 a try because at the very least it would have the pick up . The civic is definitely a better car in every way but we are quite worried that it may be a major hassle to sell. Also the civic I mentioned is the 2012 civic FB , this is 9th gen , not the FD . Also the version we are considering is the 1.6l . If there are any other cars that is a worthy upgrade please list some Thanks guys for the advice
  5. Damn lol, then next option would be a civic fb but quite scared of the resale value , the car is for my dad and he is quite particular about that and demand
  6. Hi guys , I'm not really sure if I can ask this in the forums but here it goes , I am kind of frustrated for searching for a allion/premio 1.8 2010+ Yom , spent the past couple of days looking everywhere . If anyone can help me out with leads or any cars possibly on sale , please let me know
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