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  1. Im also interested to know more about this. I contacted one company and the understanding given to me is - you pay a downpayment - the vehicle will be owned by the finance company -you pay the monthly lease which is less than the nornal commercial lease installments - the lease period is short term- like 3 years -at the end there is a balance to be paid- which is generally 50% of the value of the vehicle. At this point you can decide to sell the vehicle or settle the balance and keep the vehicle to yourself. Since that company has a considerable online presence,
  2. What exactly is luxury tax? Is it on cif value 3.5 mil or engine 1500cc? Those are two different taxes?
  3. Guys based on @iRages advice I wanted AWD vehicle but apparently according to some importers if I get AWD highest grade with all the options cif value will go beyond 3.5 million and it will be subject to a heavy duty of app. 1 million which makes it no sense to go for it. Srilanka’s duty structure is just weird and crazy. can someone please enlighten me on this 3.5 mil duty ? When you consider cif value does it include the options you add too? Does it include the cost of additional tires, keys etc?
  4. thanks to @Dee Jay's tip i checked out the vehicle today. in layman's terms it's actually ok in terms of the size because im not looking for a big size vehicle also. Its actually bigger than the vitz and has a good ground clearance . However i also felt its not so spacious inside but compared to CHR and Vezel the rear passengers would have more space i think due to its box shape. Couldnt do a drive as it wasnt allowed.
  5. Yes called them bro it’s still there but today I have a very tight schedule prolly go tom
  6. @Dee Jay May I know the place to go and have a look please?
  7. Well I haven’t driven or owned super luxury vehicles like you guys and obviously don’t have the capacity to buy those also. I’m trying to make the best decision with my hard earned money and in my circumstances and I don’t think one needs to be sarcastic about it.
  8. I though he was helping but was he being sarcastic all this time ?
  9. Why am i getting more and more impressed with this little car with the every picture i see ?
  10. Found these pics on fb for size comparison. Given the angle these were taken suggest that its smaller in length when compared with CH-R. Width difference doesnt seem to be much
  11. Also I’m told that one place will have a few units by 20th Dec, looking forward to go there and see it in my own eyes...
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