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  1. Thanks for response 3. never did compression test. 250k on odometer. 4. when engine warm, tik tik noise there.. may be tappet. no knocking or piston slap. since cold start, slight grinding like noise is there it seems sound coming from inside timing belt cover. noise is deep. may be expert need to examine the car. 5. This shaking not happen if car start to moving from complete stop. or 1st/2nd gear. it is difficult to explain. it is like some "play" between wheel shaft and engine. can bad engine mount or cv joints cause such a issue?
  2. Hi I have several questions about recently bought Corolla AE100. Model is Se limited, 1995, 5A-FE engine. Manual. if I ride on long way, temp gauge dropping to almost minimum. in traffic, it rise to half and fan turned on. so I opened thermostat valve cover and there is no thermostat. 1. Can anyone tell me the part number of thermostat? or temperature rating? 2. Experts, tell me AC idle up vsv and other vsv same in vacuum rating? I mean amount of vacuum it can pass once opened. I ask this because someone replaced ac idle up vsv with regular one. I saw ac idle up vsv in other car it different. even it has a adjustble screw. now idle up work but not enough. it drop rpm and engine stall sometimes. new vsv has different connector than original AC idleup vsv. 3. fuel economy is not much better. it can get 13-14kmpl without ac long distance. is it due to without thermostat ? 4. engine noise is higher compared to other same car with 5A-FE engines. odometer is ~250k no oil burning or smoke. is this normal? 5. if I slow the car and pickup in 3rd-4th gear, car shaking it is like something loosed. sometimes its fine if I release clutch very slowly.
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