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  1. I was also present with some friends at this event and it was really beautiful, I liked it. In general, I am such a person who is hard to impress but in my life, I have been to several events that amazed me and this is one of them. I liked it the most when I went to a great concert and what amazed me was that during the evening many technical surprises were organized by https://www.ontourevents.co.uk/awards-ceremonies-gala-dinners being considered a huge company with a great impact on many events. I'm glad people can do such beautiful things.
  2. 1. SLIC 2. Full coverage 3. 75k for 2.8 M 4.How fast they paid your last insurance claim - really quick 5.How is their customer service when claiming - never had any issues
  3. For any transaction, you need to make documents because no one wants to take risks. The seller and the buyer sign an agreement that neither side will be suspicious actions and risks that can then bring problems. Leasing is interesting but I wouldn't do that. It is better to sell your car completely on wacarremovals. I have been using this service for quite a long time because buyers on this platform offer good money for transport even with damage. That's why I chose this service half a year ago when I was selling my Mercedes.
  4. I had the same problem that in one day it broke down completely. I had to call a transportation company to get my car from the middle of the road.
  5. Try to get a loan, it will be much easier for you
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